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The best tree stands are sturdy, adjustable, and will display your artificial or live tree inside and outside your home without a problem. Before buying a tree stand, know how tall your tree is, or is going to get, and how thick it's trunk or pole is. Depending on the type of tree you are displaying you can use these stands year-round. Here are our picks for the best tree stands.

Mkono Plant Stand Wooden Tree Stand

Best tree stand overall: Mkono Mid-Century Plant Stand

Staff Pick

This wooden tree stand by Mkono is designed to hold potted trees, both artificial and live ones. The sturdy design keeps your tree upright and sturdy enough that it won't easily fall over if bumped. It comes in different sizes to hold pots as small as 8-inched around or as big as 12-inches around. The stand can be flipped and used in two different ways depending on how high you want your tree to rest above the ground.

$24 from Amazon
National Tree Company Tree Stand

Best artificial tree stand: National Tree Company Tree Stand

This tree stand, from the National Tree Company, works as a replacement stand for your indoor artificial pole tree. It has an adapter that adjusts the stand, so it will easily hold tree poles between 1.25 inches and 2 inches in diameter and is sturdy enough to keep trees up to 12 feet high upright. Each of the foud feet is covered with a rubber cap to avoid scratching floors.

$46 from Amazon
Krinner Tree Genie Tree Stand

Best fresh-cut tree stand: Krinner Tree Genie

This is the perfect tree stand for displaying a live-cut tree. It comes in a variety of sizes to hold small trees set on a table or very large ones in your front room. The Tree Genie stand features five, clawed grips that move forward and hold the tree in place by pressing the foot pedal on the body of the stand. This helps you keep the tree upright and straight as its being set. This heavy-duty live tree stand weighs 18 pounds.

$103 from Amazon
Home Heritage Electric Metal Rotating Tree Stand

Best rotating tree stand: Home Heritage Electric Metal Rotating Tree Stand

This tree stand works with artificial trees with poles up to 1.5 inches thick. Above the four sturdy legs, the stand base rotates to give a fun, unique way to display your indoor tree. It has an adapter where you can plug in any lights on your tree so that the rotation movement doesn't interfere with any electrical cords.

$60 from Amazon
National Holiday Steel Tree Stand

Best live tree stand: National Holiday Steel Tree Stand

This tree stand is very basic and very traditional. The steel stand is coated with a red and green protective coating to keep it from rusting. It features a large water bowl that holds about 2 cups of water and four steadying screws. The National Holiday tree stand holds trees with 3-inch thick trunks and that are up to 7 feet high. It can be used for both artificial and live trees.

$25 from Amazon

Our picks "fir" you

We love the Mkono wooden tree stand because it works with live and artificial trees that are potted. It can be used indoors or outdoors without a problem because the treated wood will withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you're looking for a replacement stand for an artificial tree, the National Tree Company has a basic stand that works for most trees up to 12 feet tall with poles as thick as 2 inches. For something a little more fun, the Home Heritage artificial tree stand rotates. For live, fresh-cut trees, we recommend the Krinner Tree Genie stand.

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