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Pixar's Toy Story franchise put Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang on the map. Now, with Toy Story 4 in theaters, it's time for audiences to go on another high-flying adventure. To celebrate one of animation's crowning achievements, we've rounded up some of our favorite Toy Story toys down below, including a replica of Forky and his googly eyes, an interactive Woody, and a Ducky plush.

Classic cowboy: Woody Interactive Talking Action Figure

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Standing at 15 inches tall, this Woody action figure looks like he came right out of Toy Story 4. And he sounds like it, too. Woody utters more than 10 phrases from the new film, bringing Toy Story 4 to life in your home.

$33 at ShopDisney

Space commander: Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure

Go on an intergalactic adventure with everyone's favorite Space Ranger. Standing at 12 inches tall, this Buzz Lightyear action figure will never run out of things to say, including "Laser at full power." In addition, the action figure features high articulation, retractable helmet, and light-up wing tips.

$33 at ShopDisney

Talking utensil: Forky Interactive Talking Action Figure

The newest member of the Toy Story family has an existential crisis when he realizes he's alive. This interactive action figure of Forky features 12 phrases from Toy Story 4, and he also wiggles at his base. At just over 7 inches tall, Forky is Bonnie's best craft project ever.

$20 at ShopDisney

She returns: Bo Peep Interactive Talking Action Figure

Bo Peep makes her triumphant return in Toy Story 4 as a hero. The self-assured shepherd stands at 14 inches tall and can say more than 10 phrases, including "I'm getting my sheep back." She also comes equipped with a 3D bow, shepherd's crook, and an insatiable hunger for adventure.

$33 at ShopDisney

Yee-haw: Jessie Interactive Talking Action Figure

Jessie stands at 15 inches and features a variety of phrases, including "This here cowgirl always finds a way." When she's not rustling up danger, you can find the yodeling cowgirl riding across dusty plains and hanging out with Bullseye.

$33 at ShopDisney

Man's best friend: Slinky Dog Talking Action Figure

Spring into action and help Woody with Slinky Dog. With a slinky for a body and a springy tail, Slinky Dog can utter over 15 phrases from the Toy Story saga. This delightful toy also features adorably floppy ears and a pull string leash, so you can lead Slinky Dog wherever you go.

$33 at ShopDisney

Jurassic Park: Rex Interactive Talking Action Figure

He may look ferocious, but Rex is as gentle and mild-mannered as they come. The timid tyrannosaurus has been with Woody from the beginning, and he's one of the franchise's funniest characters. Rex's action figure stands 12 inches tall and can say over 10 phrases, including "I am the dominant predator!"

$33 at ShopDisney

Good boy: Bullseye Interactive Action Figure

Bullseye may be a horse but he has the personality of a loyal dog. Standing at 18 inches tall and complete with immersive galloping sound effects, Bullseye will make a great addition to any Toy Story collection as he rides like the wind during his next adventure.

$33 at ShopDisney

Bird with attitude: Ducky Talking Plush

One of the newest members of the Toy Story crew, Ducky is a talking plush with plenty of attitude. Something this cute shouldn't be so fierce, but you can experience Ducky's personality first-hand with this soft talking plush.

$20 at ShopDisney

Daredevil: Duke Caboom Stunt Racer

Turn danger up a notch with Duke Caboom, a legendary Canadian stunt rider who can launch and race up to 15 feet. The action figure features a launcher, motorcycle, and a Duke Caboom figure that's highly posable for maximum danger.

$20 at ShopDisney

Small but mighty: Officer Giggle McDimples Tiny Big Feet Plush

Protect and serve with this adorable plush of Officer Giggle McDimples. The tiny toy assists Bo Peep in Toy Story 4, enforcing the law and ensuring justice is served. This plush features embroidered features, a soft, squeezable fill, and big plush feet.

$6 at ShopDisney

Wabbit season: Bunny Tiny Big Feet Plush

Oh snap! Bunny is a cute carnival prize in Toy Story 4 and a funny new addition to the franchise. Although he's small in size, he's big in personality, featuring detailed micro plush sculpting, soft, squeezable fill, and embroidered features.

$6 at ShopDisney

You got a friend in me

Toy Story 4

Toy Story has been around since 1995, but it just keeps getting better and better. And just when you think it's done, it comes back stronger than ever. With the release of Toy Story 4, Pixar has proved that the franchise is far from over. From Andy's room to Syd's backyard to The Claw, the franchise has taken audiences on a number of memorable adventures, and there are hopefully more to come.

Whether you're a diehard Toy Story fan or just getting introduced to Woody and his friends, we can all agree that the toys in this collection are awesome. By picking up a Ducky or Buzz Lightyear, you can recreate some of the franchise's best scenes and let your imagination run wild as the gang come to the rescue.

What's impressive about these toys is that they look like they were ripped straight off the big screen and into your home, where they'll entertain and keep you company for years to come. Joining the gang this year will be a zany cast of new characters, including Duke Caboom, Ducky, and a spork named Forky, the latter of whom endures a deep existential crisis about what it means to be a toy.

Our top pick is the Woody interactive action figure. Disney has beautifully recreated the character with an incredible attention to detail. But it's not enough to simply look like Woody; the toy sounds like Woody, too, featuring a number of phrases ripped right out of the movie. Woody will make sure he keeps you happy and enforce the law of the land.

Although he's new to the franchise, we're also huge fans of Duke Caboom, a Canadian stunt racer who has a thirst for danger. One minute he'll be performing high-flying stunts and the next he'll be posing his way into your heart. That's just how he rolls—and he does it all while wearing a helmet, because he knows that safety is the number one priority. Caboom!

Finally, it wouldn't be a Toy Story adventure without Buzz Lightyear, the famous space ranger who didn't realize he was a toy. With more than 10 phrases, wing release, and flashing laser lights, you'll almost be convinced that the toy has come to life as you and Buzz go to infinity and beyond.

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