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Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang will return to theaters this summer for another rootin', tootin', high-flying adventure. Joining them will be a lively, rambunctious cast of new characters, including a paranoid spork named Forky, who undergoes an existential crisis after he's brought to life by Bonnie. The beauty of Toy Story is it appeals to all ages, and you can enjoy the franchise outside of the movie theater with these adorable Funko Pop!

Howdy partner: Woody - Toy Story 4

Staff pick

"There's a snake in my boot." That iconic catchphrase has entered the cultural lexicon and is beloved the world over. Fans will get to watch the loyal cowboy go on yet another adventure when Bonnie's favorite new toy, Forky, goes missing in action.

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A hero arises: Bo Peep - Toy Story 4

After going MIA over the past few movies, Bo Peep will return in Toy Story 4. Not only that, but she'll play an expanded role, as she provides Sheriff Woody with great insight into life outside of Bonnie's room. Bo Peep will be aided by a cheery new character known as Officer Giggle McDimples.

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Brave space ranger: Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story 4

Just by looking at Buzz Lightyear, I'm sure you're saying his iconic catchphrase in your head: "To infinity and beyond!" The overzealous space ranger will once again bring his trademark bravery and optimism to whatever wild adventure he finds himself on. Hopefully, it doesn't include the evil Zorg.

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Yee-haw: Jessie - Toy Story 4

Jessie will return in Toy Story 4 as the nicest darn cowgirl you'll ever meet. Since her introduction in Toy Story 2, she's become a bundle of positivity that you can't help but love. With her Funko Pop!, she'll be able to keep watch and ensure that no cattle escape the ranch.

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Eternally grateful: Alien - Toy Story

The three-eyed aliens have become as much a part of Toy Story as any character. After appearing in the first film, they've been a constant presence in the franchise, recognized by many for their Ohs and Ahs. This Funko Pop! figure looks exactly like the character that was chosen by the claw way back when.

$9 at Amazon

Talking spork: Forky - Toy Story 4

New to the Toy Story family this year is Forky, a spork that has been turned into a toy by Bonnie. With big google-y eyes and wiry arms, Forky becomes the focus in Toy Story 4, as he struggles to understand what sorcery brought him to life. It was love — that's why he exists.

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Cute with attitude: Ducky - Toy Story 4

Voiced by Keegan-Michael Key, Ducky is new to the Toy Story franchise. He may look cute, but looks can be deceiving. The fluffy yellow duck isn't afraid to get scrappy. Before you see him mingle with the other Toy Story characters this summer, give him a home on your desk as a Funko Pop!

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I don't care bear: Bunny - Toy Story 4

Joining Ducky in Toy Story 4 will be Bunny, a suave, confident new character voiced by Jordan Peele. The blue and green mammal is the alpha of the two, but just because he's tough doesn't mean he's not funny. When telling a story about Buzz Lightyear, he butchers his catchphrase: "To infinity and your mom!"

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At ease, soldier: Combat Carl Jr - Toy Story 4

Combat Carl debuted in the first Toy Story movie and it looks like a version of that character will return to battle in Toy Story 4. With a perfectly manicured mustache a strict flattop, the character makes for an excellent Funko Pop!

$9 at Amazon

Stuntman: Duke Caboom - Toy Story 4

Known as the world's greatest Canadian stuntman, Duke Caboom will bring danger to Toy Story 4. What makes this new character so great is that he's being voiced by Keanu Reeves, the treasured action star the Toy Story franchise is lucky to have. My only question is, isn't his helmet too small for his oversized Funko Pop! head?

$11 at Amazon

Not what she seems: Gabby - Toy Story 4

Gabby looks friendly, but she's as cold as they come. The character will be introduced in Toy Story 4, when Woody comes across Gabby inside of a second hand store. She's never been loved, which makes her incredibly dangerous because it means she has nothing to lose.

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You got a friend in me

There's something so endearing about Toy Story, which is major reason why it's lasted this long. The franchise began all the way back in 1995 and is better than ever thanks to its stunning visuals, uproarious humor, and lessons of love.

We'd be content with picking any one of these figures as our favorite, but we have to go with Woody as our top pick. Tom Hanks has embodied the character for over 20 years, making the loyal sheriff a great part of any collection.

That being said, Buzz Lightyear is a close second. The brave space ranger has evolved in a major way over these last several years, and it's nice to have him sitting on your shelf as a reminder that people can change.

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