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Wrapping presents is hard. You have to cut wrapping paper, hope you can fold it right, and pray you don't end up with something that looks terrible. Or you can go another route. Wrap up those gifts in some pretty tissue paper and put them in a bag for friends and relatives to open up. There is plenty of tissue paper out there, but we've found the best options for every occasion.

Rainbow speckled tissue paper

Best Overall: Unicorn Rainbow Tissue Paper

Staff Pick

Tissue paper comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Still, this rainbow paper is perfect for just about any occasion. It's cheery enough to be used on birthdays, or showers, and always festive enough that it won't look out of place under your Christmas tree during the holidays. You get 36 sheets of paper, and each one measures at 20x30 inches.

$20 at Amazon
White tissue paper with gold snowflakes.

Winter Wonderland: 60 Sheets Tissue Paper Whaline Snowflake

Find festive tissue paper for every occasion isn't always as easy as it seems. If you have a birthday, wedding, or baby shower happening during the winter, it can be even peskier. That's because many winter-themed tissue paper options are designed around Christmas. The Snowflake Tissue Paper from Whaline delivers white paper with tiny little gold snowflakes that remind of you winter without necessarily needing to mention the holidays. You get 60 sheets in one pack, and each one measures 20 x 28 inches.

$15 at Amazon
Tissue paper in every color of the rainbow.

All the colors of the rainbow: Supla Rainbow Tissue Paper

There are plenty of different occasions when you may need tissue paper when wrapping gifts for different people. When you pick up the Supla Rainbow Tissue Paper, you get 180 sheets in 36 colors. Since you have so many, it's easy to ensure that you have tissue paper in the right hue when you need them. You get five sheets of each color, and they measure out at 20x26 inches.

$17 at Amazon
Tissue paper in black and white with polka dots and stripes

Classic Black and White: BonBon Paper Premium Tissue Paper

You want your gifts to look awesome once you've finished arranging them, and that means finding the perfect tissue paper to accent with. BonBon's White and Black tissue paper delivers a quality product that looks stellar, whether you're at a wedding or a birthday party. You get 36 sheets of paper with 12 sheets of each pattern: polka dot white, polka dot black, and black and white stripes. Each sheet measures 20x30 inches.

$25 at Amazon
WRAPAHOLIC Gift Wrapping Tissue Paper

Pick a pattern: WRAPAHOLIC Gift Wrapping Tissue Paper

When picking the right tissue paper, you might be looking for something with a bit of flair. The WRAPAHOLIC Gift Wrapping Tissue Paper delivers a series of whimsical prints suitable for occasions throughout the year. They have fun picks like avocados or pink flamingos, seasonal picks like their Halloween spiders, and even unique options for milestones like graduating. You get 25 sheets of paper, and they measure at 19.7x27.5 inches.

$13 at Amazon
Whaline Metallic Tissue Paper

Glorious in gold: Whaline Metallic Tissue Paper

It's hard to argue against the classy look of gold in much of anything, and that includes tissue paper. The Whaline Metallic Tissue Paper delivers three different styles of lovely gold and white tissue paper. There are sixty sheets of tissue paper in each pack, and gives you 20 sheets of each design. The designs are stripes, polka dots, and chevrons. If gold isn't your favorite, this tissue paper is also available in silver or rose gold.

$15 at Amazon

Wrapping Options

Using tissue paper, you can avoid having to fight with actual wrapping paper, but still hand off lovely presents to friends and family. While there are hundreds of different options for excellent wrapping paper, our favorite is Unicorn Rainbow Tissue Paper. It's a gorgeous rainbow speckled paper that is perfect for any occasion, and awesomely suited for birthdays or happy occasions.

If you want a classier option, then BonBon Paper Premium Tissue Paper in black and white might be ideally suited.

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