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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gained massive popularity over the past decade and thanks to characters like Thor. He is a multi-dimensional hero, and although he's the God of Thunder, he's relatable with his bro humor and his fierce love for his family. Now you can have a little bit of Thor with you with these fantastic action figures.

Gladiator Thor: Thor: Ragnarok action figure

Staff Favorite

Thor took on a new look in Thor: Ragnarok and, if we do say so ourselves, it is very welcomed. This action figure faithfully captures that unique look, including the symbols across the breastplate, red cap, and the helmet with the wings pointing up.

$19 at Amazon

The classic look: Classic Thor action figure

The classic Thor look will never get old. It is a stalwart of the birth of comic books and it is the quintessential Thor look. This action figure recreates that look with the red cape, black armor with the six metal circle plates, metal arm covers, the iconic Thor helmet and of course, Mjolnir.

$16 at Amazon

The strength battle: Thor and Hulk action figures

One of the most important parts in Thor: Ragnarok is the part where Thor and Hulk battle each other to see who is the most powerful Avenger of them all. It is here that Thor rediscovers what it means to be the God of Thunder. This two-piece action figure recreates that impressive scene.

$40 at Amazon

Thor wields two swords: Electric Thor action figure

This Thor: Ragnarok Electric Thor action figure sees the God of Thunder lose his hammer and take up two swords to kick some butt. The 12-inch figure comes with five-point articulation and an electric voice box that delivers battle sounds and phrases from the movie.

$21 at Amazon

MCU Thor: Thor Mjolnir action figure

When Thor made it to the big screen, he appeared with a similar, yet new look from the comic books. This action figure delivers that look with the Asgardian armor, red cape, and Mjolnir. The best detail is the long, blonde hair and full beard reminding us of the first time he arrived on Earth and met Jane Foster.

$25 at Amazon

Thor's new look: Thor with short hair

Want the most realistic-looking Thor action figure? Here it is, but it'll cost you a pretty penny. However, looking at the action figure, you know why it costs so much. It offers 30 points of articulation and a detailed clothe costume that looks photo-realistic.

$83 at Amazon

Thor gets some help: Thor and Lady Sif

Thor gets some company in this Thor and Lady Sif action figure collectible. It shows the two characters from the first MCU, Thor movie—Thor wielding his mighty Mjolnir hammer and Lady Sifters using a two swords and a shield to destroy legions of enemies. The attention to detail is quite impressive.

$29 at Amazon

Thor finds a new friend: Thor and Teen Groot

Thor gets another friend in this action figure set that partners Thor and Teen Groot from Avengers: Infinity War. It makes a fantastic addition for any fan of the MCU movies as it pairs two of the most popular characters. Thor is also using his new Stormbreaker Axe.

$22 at Amazon

Thors gets a new suit: Thor in Avengers: Endgame

Thor's role in Avengers: Endgame is undeniable and this action figure shows him off in the new suits that will help the Avengers take on Thanos in whatever manner they try to do so. Regardless, this action figure looks pretty awesome.

$10 at Amazon

The God of Thunder reigns

There is a kid somewhere deep in all of us and scooping up one of these Thor action figures may be the key to bringing that wondrous spirit out again. Thor has gone through many changes in the MCU and in the comic books, which leaves plenty of options to select from.

Our staff favorite is the Thor: Ragnarok figure as his new look appeals to us. Gone is the short hair, and most importantly, the uptight attitude. Thor looks much more fun and cool in his new style.

The Thor classic action figure is another great option. This one goes for the classic Thor look from the comic books with the long blonde hair, suit, and helmet. It is a blast from the past, but this figure brings it back.

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