Best Third-Party Apple Watch Bands TechnoBuffalo 2022

Unlike other Apple products, the Apple Watch is truly customizable not only with the colors it's available in (silver, space grey, gold, etc.) but also with other types of compatible, non-Apple bands. You want leather or a sports loop? It's completely up to you. There are plenty of choices out there, and here are our picks for the best third-party Apple Watch bands.

Horween leather: Nomad Leather Modern Band

Staff Favorite

The best leather band you can buy for the Apple Watch is the Nomad Modern Band. Made of natural Horween leather, this band looks super luxurious and impressive. It will develop a rich and vibrant patina over time adding a personal touch. It is available with two trim options for the buckle: silver hardware and gold hardware.

$60 at Nomad

Mordern heritage: Grovemade Tan Leather Band

The Apple Watch is a luxurious device that looks really modern and you're going to want a band that matches that style. The Grovemade Tan Leather Band matches that style with a minimal design that eschews clutter for a clean and simple profile. You can get it with black or silver hardware to best match your Apple Watch model.

$80 at Grovemade

Leather luxury: Pad & Quill Lowry Leather Band

It's time to talk about leather bands. That's where the Pad & Quill Leather Band comes into play. The rugged and stylistic band is one of the best leather bands you can buy for the Apple Watch. Made of high-grade Horween Tannery leather, it comes with a 25-year that ensures decades worth of quality.

$110 at Pad & Quill

The Milanese look: Seoaura Milanese Loop

Last on our list of picks is the Seoaura Milanese Loop. The Milanese Loop is one of the distinct styles of bands for the Apple Watch and this selection gives you that precise look without spending a lot of money. Made of stainless steel, the band is completely adjustable via the magnetic clasp that'll ensure the perfect fit. It's made for every Apple Watch model and comes in nine color finishes.

$13 at Amazon

Comfortable Nylon band: VATI Nylon Sports Loop Band

The VATI Nylon Sports Loop Band is one of the best third-party bands you can buy for the Apple Watch. First of all, it's way cheaper than the Apple version, which is a big plus, and second, it's available in just as many color options. Besides that, its double-layer nylon material is dense and breathable, so you'll get a comfortable fit.

From $8 at Amazon

Sporty and adjustable: YANCH Nylon Sports Loop

If you are looking into getting a nylon sports band for the Apple Watch, the YANCH Nylon Sports Loop is a great option. It has all the characteristics of a great sports loop thanks to its breathable material that allows for moisture to escape. It's also compatible with every Apple Watch model from Series 1 to Series 4 and comes in multiple colors.

$10 at Amazon

Buckle the nylon up: Carterjett Nylon Band

Carjett's Nylon Band stands out thanks to its unique design that bypasses the traditional loop and instead implements a traditional buckle, which just looks fantastic. The nylon fabric is still soft and breathable, and the finish will fit wrists anywhere up to 10.5 inches in size.

$26 at Amazon

Full metal jacket: JETech Metal Band

JETech's band here is a fantastic metal band option for the Apple Watch. Made of stainless steel metal, it brings a luxurious element and its metal folding clasp makes it super easy to put on and take off. There are also three claps that can be removed for the perfect fit.

$22 at Amazon

I am titanium: Nomad Titanium Band

Want something a little more premium? Nomad's Titanium Band is about as premium as you can get. It's engineered to be high quality, and the high-end titanium metal link bracelet is both super luxurious and comfortable via its adjustable links. It's available in both brushed silver and black finishes.

$180 at Nomad

Stay classy: KADES Stainless Steel Band

KADES Stainless Steel Band offers another great option for a metal band. It's made of 304L stainless steel through a precise machine process, which leads to a soft finish that feels very comfortable. And there's really no way around it: Metal bands on watches are about as classy as it gets. KADES offers size options for every Apple Watch model.

$22 at Amazon

Soft to the touch: VATI Sport Band

The first party traditional silicone sports loop for the Apple Watch has been the default band of choice for many users. However, due to the high price you're better off going with the VATI Sports Band. It offers the same features — high performing silicone and a customizable fit — and you won't break the bank.

From $6 at Amazon

Patterns to the rescue: KOLEK Floral Sports Bands

Most Apple Watch bands can be a little conservative, but that's not something you can say about KOLEK's Floral Sports Bands. These band are infused with rich and vibrant patterns that instantly catch your eye. They are unique and still offer all the benefits of the sports band. In total, you have 10 exotic options to select from.

From $8 at Amazon

Get that Nike look: RUOQINI Sports Band

Want to get that Nike Sport Band look? RUOQINI has you covered with its Sports Band that offers the same distinct look with the perforated finish across the band. Available for each Apple Watch Model, you'll have 10 available colors to select that matches your specific style, including the slick black-volt combination you can see above.

From $8 at Amazon

That accounts for just about every style of Apple Watch band that you could be on the look out for. Whether you're into the classic leather band look or want something with more striking style in the form of a metal band, our selections have got you covered.

My personal favorite is the Nomad Modern Band for the Apple Watch. If you are not familiar with Nomad, it makes some of the best leather accessories out there, and its bands live up to the name. The Modern Band is made of natural Horween leather that just screams premium. It'll also develop a stunning patina wear over time, going slightly darker which just looks amazing on natural leather.

However, you can also go with something like the VATI Nylon Sports Loop Band that gives a very workmanship option in that it's comfortable to wear but still delivers on a unique look you may be after.

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