Best Elbow Braces 2020: Support and pain control TechnoBuffalo 2021

Elbow braces offer support as you play sports and workout, and are helpful in some professions like carpenters and typists that tend to get a bit of tennis elbow. Some braces help relieve pain after surgery or an injury. The best elbow braces give you a full range of motion while also reducing swelling and controlling aches. The elbow braces on our list have been put to the test and are some of the best on this year's to-get list.

Best compression brace: Kunto Fitness Products Support Sleeve Brace

Best overall

This Kunto Fitness Products compression sleeve gives a gentle squeeze to the forearm and elbow, minimizing swelling and increasing blood circulation. The result is superb protection against injury and a break from the ache. The sleeve keeps muscles warm, even when you're idle, and never restricts mobility. The no-slip fabric stays on your arm without being too constricting while giving your joints needed stability. This compression-style brace is just right for athletes, and those with arthritis, tendonitis, and joint inflammation.

$19 at Amazon

Best value elbow brace: Tomight Tennis Elbow Brace 2-pack

Staff Pick

The best brace for your money is this two-pack from Tomight. With a nod to those with sensitive skin, all materials are reinforced with soft, wide neoprene that never chafes or bites at the skin. The simple design encircles your forearm and tightens with an adjustable Velcro closure. The materials and design are top-notch, and ideal for tennis players, golfers, bowlers, gardeners, carpenters, typists, and others who suffer from forearm pain caused by overuse or repetitive strain injury.

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Best brace for injuries: Bracoo Elbow Brace

When you're recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain, sleeves and more traditional tennis elbow straps just won't cut it. The Bracoo Elbow Brace, made of four-way stretchy latex-free fabric, applies even compression around the elbow joint to reduce muscle fatigue and lessen stress on tendons. Wide hook straps secure to the outer side of the brace and are adjustable on the fly, so you get the perfect amount of compression to nip pain in the bud. This brace fits elbows 7-13" and works for both children and adults. Best of all, the Bracoo brace can be worn during activity or while sleeping.

$12 at Amazon

Best for athletes: Bauerfeind EpiPoint

Bauerfeind's EpiPoint Elbow Strap is an all-cotton stabilizer that slips over your forearm, securing to itself with a hook and loop closure. An internal visco-elastic compression pad applies targeted intermittent compression. It's fantastic for tender joints and muscle support. The cotton design is breathable and lightweight. The inside of the strap is terrycloth that's soft and comforting against the skin and designed to absorb perspiration while you exercise. This universal-fit tennis elbow brace is low profile and offers the right amount of compression without decreasing circulation.

$64 at Amazon

Best for sensitive skin: Mueller Tennis Elbow Support

Tennis elbow discomfort is an all-day thing. It can flare while you're typing, golfing, or even reaching across the table. This support from Mueller is comfy enough to wear all day and night, not just while performing strenuous activities. There's a squishy-soft gel pad on the inside that applies gentle pressure to the forearm, alleviating pain from muscles, tendons, and the elbow joint. This broad strap is durable enough to wear to work, while exercising, or even sleeping. The Mueller Tennis Elbow Support is latex and neoprene-free, so for those with allergies, this tennis elbow brace will stop the hurt without irritating your skin.

$12 at Amazon

Best adjustable elbow brace: ACE Brand Custom Dial Elbow Strap

Ace Brand's unique Custom Dial Elbow Strap soothes overworked muscles and throbbing tendons from the moment you put it on. Like most tennis elbow braces, this one wraps around your forearm and attaches to itself with a hook and loop closure. What's unlike standard braces is the addition of a custom dial that you use to apply various levels of pressure to your hurting elbow and tendons. Compression is applied only to the spot that hurts instead of the entire forearm, so it stops the smarting without causing numbness to the rest of your arm. This brace fits discreetly under clothing.

$20 at Amazon

Here's what works for me

Lateral elbow pain, otherwise known as tennis elbow, isn't necessarily caused by playing tennis. Golfers, baseball players, writers, weightlifters, photographers, and workers can all suffer the stiffness and tenderness of an overuse injury that affects the elbow and forearm.

As someone who's had tennis elbow more than once, I feel your pain. When the hurt hits, I use Tomight Elbow Braces. You'll get a two-pack for your money. These braces offer soft compression that doesn't pinch the skin but does ease inflammation and discomfort.

The Kunto Fitness Products Support Sleeve Brace is my go-to for long practice sessions on the courts, extended hikes, and recovery periods. The brace protects joints from further injury, brings down swelling, and keeps muscles warm and pain-free. Available in three colors and four sizes, this compression sleeve fits kids and adults.

Acute and chronic pain sufferers, you want the Bracoo Elbow Brace. Adjustable compression reverses swelling and soreness while still giving you a broad range of motion to perform daily tasks. And it's so comfortable; you can even wear it to bed.

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