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Do you want to enjoy your tennis practice sessions? Save time by using a tennis ball hopper to keep all your balls close at hand. Especially on practicing your serve, spend the time practicing the swing and hit-timing instead of collecting balls. Increase your muscle memory as you swing again and again without the frustration of chasing after those balls. We have selected some of our favorite tennis ball hoppers to get you practicing.

Ballport tennis ball hopper

No bending required: Tourna Ballport 85-ball pick-up tennis hopper

Staff Pick

The Tourna Ballport Tennis Hopper holds up to 85 balls and is made of a heavy-duty steel wire with powder coating. There are no moving parts as the handles are fixed. This is useful when picking up the balls, simply use the hopper to press down on the ball and it slips into the container through the compressed hole. No bending is necessary. We can see why this is a favorite hopper among teaching pros and clubs.

$31 at Amazon
Tennis ball hopper

For a large capacity: Oncourt Offcourt deluxe club cart

How many balls, at the ready, are enough? Not enough. Here is a hopper that can hold up to 325 balls. It has two compartment trays and a water bottle holder because you're going to need it. This deluxe cart comes on wheels for easy transport and a removable and lockable lid. A removable mesh divider allows different balls to be practiced with, and even though the steel mesh is powder-coated, this hopper comes with a weatherproof cover.

$189 at Amazon
Tennis ball hopper

Best value: Wilson tennis ball pick-up hopper

The Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper holds 75 tennis balls with a no-spill lid. The handles turn from basket carriers to lockable legs to provide the balls at a convenient height. A sleek-looking hopper, made with powder-coated steel wire, will look good on any court in any club. It's the best value for the money spent.

$22 at Amazon
Tennis ball carrier

A tennis ball fannypack: Oncourt Offcourt handy hopper

A clever design, this hopper can be used for additional sports like baseball, softball, pickleball, and more. The expandable pouch holds up to 36 tennis balls and is a favorite with college coaches who rove from court to court, helping their pupils. This durable and quality hopper comes with an adjustable strap to fit around any waist comfortably.

$22 at Amazon
Tennis ball collector

Pick up balls easily: Kollectaball K-Max 60-ball collector max

When researching tennis ball hoppers, we thought about how awkward it is to collect a lot of balls from the ground. So a tool to quickly pick them should be considered. The ingenious Kollectaball Ball Collector can easily pick up to 60 balls and make it fun along the way. The sturdy wires are heavily tested for durability and work in all weather conditions, so they make a tedious chore into an enjoyable one. Many schools and clubs already have.

$100 at Amazon

Spend most of your time on practicing rather than gathering

A tennis ball hopper is one of the most useful tools when practicing the game. You must get focused attention to improve your stroke play and not worry about losing balls. We believe the Tourna Ballport 85-ball pick-up tennis hopper to be the best hopper available. There are no moving parts to break. The sturdy handles allow you to collect the balls by pushing the basket down on the balls, and you don't have to empty your wallet to buy it. The capacity is also a good size at 85 balls.

If you are a serious player and want a mixture of balls to train with, then look no further than the Oncourt Offcourt deluxe club cart, which has two compartments trays. The 325 ball capacity will give you a full workout, so the water bottle holder is convenient.

We hope you find a suitable hopper from the selected list and that it helps to take your game to the next level.

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