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Since the mid-15th century, tarot cards have been a popular tool used to foretell one's future. People are split on whether they believe tarot readings can really see into the future, but overall they remain a popular item. Whether you're just starting out, a serious seer, or just want something to entertain guests, here are the best tarot cards on the market. You'll find a variety of decks ranging from classic to modern designs.

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Best overall: The Wild Unkown Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Staff Pick

This official tarot card deck includes 72 cards and a guidebook to help you understand what the cards tell you about your and others' future. Made from quality card stock, each card is designed to clearly and simply depict each symbol and can be handled time and time again without wearing down too quickly.

$26 at Amazon
Rider Tarot Deck

Best classic deck: The Rider Tarot Deck

The Rider Tarot deck is the card most people are familiar with. The designs are well-known and have been popular since the early 1900s. Each card is clearly marked to make reading easier for both beginners and tarot reading enthusiasts.

$16 at Amazon
Everday Witch Tarot

Best for beginners: Everyday Witch Tarot

This deck features a fun, and witchy design style that is fun for those just learning the art of tarot reading. The cards are marked with each symbol, though even without this the designs are clear enough to decipher on your own. The deck includes a guide to help you as you learn.

$26 at Amazon
Mystic Mondays Tarot

Best modern design: Mystic Mondays Tarot

This deck of tarot cards features images that are bright and beautiful and more modern than those of traditional tarot cards. The 78 card deck comes with a hardcover guide book to help you learn each symbol and its meaning.

$19 at Amazon
Everyday Tarot Mini Deck

Best travel pack: Everyday Tarot Mini Deck

Most tarot card decks are small enough to pack along with you, but this mini deck is perfect for slipping into your purse or pocket for a last-minute reading wherever you may be. This deck has a carrying box and each card features fun, traditional designs.

$10 at Amazon

What's in your future?

Whether you believe that a tarot reading can tell you the future or not, tarot cards are beautiful and fun to keep around. If you're serious about becoming proficient the biggest decision to make is if you want a traditional deck or a more modern one. The Rider Tarot Deck is the oldest known deck of tarot cards with the most traditional and noticeable artwork. If you'd prefer something more vibrant and fun, then check out the Mystic Mondays Tarot card deck.

Our top pick, however, is the Wild Unkown Tarot Deck. The symbols are depicted in a more traditional style, but this deck also includes a keepsake box. And if you're just getting into tarot reading, these cards include a guidebook with everything you need to know about what each symbol represents and how to adequately convey them to your clients, family or friends.

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