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Stuffed animals are the best snuggly companions, bringing on the smiles and hugs with their ultra-smooshable characterizations. Shaped with soft fabrics and squishy fills, these lovable plushes scale down the features of wild creatures, transforming them into ready-to-squeeze replicas that are much easier to domesticate. Whether they're capturing the spirit of a playful pachyderm or the springy hop of a long-eared bunny, these classic stuffed animals are a favorite selection for both children and adults. So, we've rounded up our favorite bunch to get or gift.

Gund Flappy The Elephant 12 Inch Animated Stuffed Animal Plush Render

Peekaboo plush: GUND Flappy the Elephant 12-inch animated stuffed animal

Staff Pick

First plushes are certainly foundational, and this floppy pachyderm will win over its young audience. Its sweet face has a short skyward trunk and oversized, round, fluttery ears that make it a fast favorite. Easy to embrace at 12 inches, this little elephant is comprised of ultra-soft material and fill. While this plush is perfect for a cuddle, little ones aren't limited to squeezes. They'll be entertained by the engaging game of peekaboo that Flappy can play with just a simple button push. The elephant will even cue up a song on command, playing a danceable version of the "Do Your Ears Hang Low." Ideal for stuffed animal novices, this plush is crafted for infants on up.

$31 at Amazon
Gund Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Render

Grin and bear it: GUND Philbin teddy bear stuffed animal

Unlike its bear brethren, this stuffed representation of that forest-dwelling creature is safe to approach and only hibernates when coaxed. Philbin is a friendly-faced bear with near-set eyes and a boop-able rounded nose. His relaxed little body is crafted with fluffy tufts of soft fur backed by plump cushiony fill. Even his paws are detailed with sueded pads, finishing that authentic woodland look. With brown and beige color options and several sizes available, there are many ways to make this bear a part of the family. This stuffed selection is great for ages one and up.

From $15 at Amazon
Melissa Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal Render

Some-bunny special: Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny rabbit stuffed animal

With big feet and floppy ears, this slouchy bunny hops right from the burrow, easily taking its place in many hearts. A sweet, brown nose rests on its adorable face, poised to sniff out a rogue carrot or some cabbage conveniently growing in a nearby garden. The authentic rabbit's pleasant demeanor is also realized in its soft, textured coat and padded fill. Aimed to delight rabbit enthusiasts ages three and up, this 10-inch plush is sure to delight.

$12 at Amazon
Douglas Spunky Small Hedgehog Plush Stuffed Animal Render

Perfectly petite: Douglas Spunky small hedgehog plush stuffed animal

Representing a tiny member of the animal community, Spunky the rounded, half-circle hedgehog is the perfect portable plush. Trading pokey spines for textured fur, this 5-inch morsel of a mammal is the perfect addition to an already-booming stuffed animal collection. Its sweet face with button-like features peeks out curiously with every cradle. This palm-ready plush is an adorable handful, ideal for those ages two years and up.

$11 at Amazon
Aurora Bright Fancies Jellyroll Unicorn Render

Mythical must: Aurora Bright Fancies Jellyroll unicorn

Sometimes these stuffed beings aren't even based in reality, and when that happens the plush world becomes a magical place. This tiny horn-wearing animal, better known as a unicorn, is a pink equine, detailed with brightly hued bursts of blue and yellow. Though small in stature, this 7-inch fantastical quadruped really makes an impression with glittering eyes and a twisted silvery horn. Those ages three years and up will harness the cuddly cuteness of this mythical stuffed animal. Additional styles are also available.

$7 at Amazon
Prextex 4 Pack Plush Dinousaur Set Render

Dinosaur four: Prextex 4-pack plush dinosaur set

Extinct? We think not. The prehistoric is plush-i-fied with this cute dinosaur quartet. From herbivores to carnivores, all the stuffed species are covered at a manageable 10-inch size. Scaley, spotted, colorful and soft, these lizards of yore are extremely huggable with cushy fill. This set includes a T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. Dino aficionados from three years and up will uncover the joy that these plush dinos can bring.

$25 at Amazon

Huggable choices

Stuffed animals are always an easy choice. They're plush representations of favorite creatures that become the perfect furry companion for a nighttime snuggle or even an impromptu tea party. Whatever the case, these soft beings bring smiles, security, and fun with them. So, why not add to the pile? Our first choice is the GUND Flappy the Elephant 12-inch animated stuffed animal because it gives stuffed animal novices a chance to share in the joy of all things plush. This adorable pachyderm has a curling trunk, large ears, and a soft easy-to-squeeze body. Not only does it demand a cuddle, but this animal also engages youngsters with a game of peekaboo and a song with a simple press of its back feet.

When it comes to stuffed animal standards, the teddy bear is it. The GUND Philbin teddy bear stuffed animal makes good on the timeless design with its adorable round face, curious snoot, and soft, floppy body. With two warm colors and several size options to choose from, it's almost impossible not to choose this common woodland inhabitant.

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