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Leaving aside all the jokes available from the words "stud finder," the tool so named is incredibly helpful. In case you are new to DIY, a stud is a supporting beam that you find vertically in the drywall in your home. A stud finder helps you find that wood behind the drywall so you can hang things securely into it, saving you a lot of broken drywall! We've put together some of the best stud finders around to help you in your DIY life.

Tavool Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner

Best overall: Tavool Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner

Staff Pick

This digital stud finder is excellent on a budget and is packed with helpful bonus features. Being able to find the stud is important, but so is knowing where the center of the stud is. This finder from Tavool scans the size of the stud — they can be different sizes, it's infuriating — and the works out where the center is. A small grove allows you to mark the center to make it easier. The Tavool also finds metal pipes, wiring, and can even dive deep to find the 240-volt cables hidden away.

$33 at Amazon
Walabot Diy Plus

Into the future: Walabot DIY Plus

The Walabot is something new to the world of stud finders. Not only does it use an Android phone to visualize where the stud is, but it can also visualize where metal, cables, and even moving pests are. Being able to see the entire stud and not just blinking LEDs, is incredibly helpful, especially if you are searching and you find pipes or wires. These can be a real danger as they are often not straight. The Walabot helps you navigate your wall easily.

$65 at Amazon
Studbuddy Magnetic Stud Finder

The simplest finder: The StudBuddy Magnetic Stud Finder

Digital stud finders are great, but they still rely on power. Even though I have an excellent stud finder, I always have several of these StudBuddy's in my toolbox just in case. These rely on finding the screws that hold the drywall up and clinging to them. Because the screws are screwed directly into the stud when you see them with the stud buddy, you can find the center of the stud! Simple.

$10 at Amazon
Franklin Sensors Whole Stud Finder

The stud, the whole stud: Franklin Sensors Professional Stud Finder

When you are a professional, you need to be able to make precise measurements to make sure everything remains uniform. The Franklin Sensors whole stud finder is wide enough so that the entire stud shows up on the LEDs. Once you know the full size, you can use the spirit level and measure on the top to accurately mark where you need your screw, in relation to other marks you have made. This gives a uniformity that you can't get from other finders.

$54 at Amazon
Ch Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

Simple to use: CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

Another excellent analog stud finder. This one comes with a rotating bubble to let you know your center stud is level and plumb. This is important if you are building onto the wall or if you are hanging hooks or shelving with more than one screw. This is incredibly cheap, but works every time, regardless of battery power.

$8 at Amazon

Find the right stud

If your house is anything like my house, you'll know the struggle to find any studs in the walls. Sure, there are supposed to be rules about how far apart they are, but the rules seem to change by year and my house as studs all over the place.

A good stud finder like the Tavool Stud Finder makes all of your DIY projects work better and saves you punching random holes into the drywall, while a tool like the Walabot will help you find out what's happening in your walls and where it safe to cut, or drill.

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