Best string lights TechnoBuffalo 2022

String lights have become more prevalent in the last few years, and it is easy to see why. Indoors, the string lights offer a softer, more romantic atmosphere, and outdoors they give you plenty of light across your backyard when you are entertaining guests. We've put together some of our favorite strip lights for you here.

Brightown Outdoor String Lights

Best overall: Brightown Outdoor String Lights

Staff Pick

For the perfect set of outdoor string lights, look no further than the Brightown set. Available in 25ft, 50ft, and even 100ft lengths, these lights can be strung all over your backyard to give you that "covered in stars" look. Each bulb is only 1.5 inches big, so it won't look like you have standard house bulbs, but they give off an impressive amount of light.

$15+ at Amazon
Zuotog Battery String Lights

Battery powered: Zoutog Battery Operated String Lights

Sometimes you may only need strip lights for a specific event, and the Zoutog string lights are perfect for that. These beautiful little lights that look like fireflies are powered by three AA batteries that can be changed when needed. They are also water-resistant, so that you can use them for outdoor and indoor events.

$15 at Amazon
Afirst Eddison String Light

That vintage look: Afirst Outdoor String Lights

These string lights are just 20 feet long with 20 bulbs, but they are designed to have that vintage look with Eddison filament bulbs. They are made to add a touch of class to your environment, rather than adding as much light as possible. Thankfully though, they can be chained together to make a run of four 20 foot lengths, and they are a reasonable price too.

$25 at Amazon
Magitec String Light Curtain

It's full of stars: Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light

Curtain lights are a great way to create separation between areas in your yard. During the day, they don't obstruct the view, but at night twinkling lights will stop anyone from seeing what is on the other side. This set of lights are an excellent price for a 6x9 foot curtain, and they can be connected to allow for a much bigger curtain as needed.

$15 at Amazon
Rgb Smart String Lights

Smart and bright: RGB Color Smart String Lights

If you want to step up your light string game and make them as smart as possible, then the RGB smart lights from XMCosy are a great choice. Powered by an app and controllable by Alexa and other assistants, these clever lights can be used indoors and outdoors to create a real part vibe.

$80 at Amazon

Let there be (string) light!

Living in Southern California as I do, there are very few nights of the year that I am not outside enjoying the evening with my wife and kids. Having a good set of string lights across the covered area of our backyard gives a lovely warm glow while not detracting from the starry sky above. We chose the Brightown Outdoor String Lights as they had the varying sizes we need to fit in our yard, as well as having smaller bulbs that look far prettier than the larger ones.

If you are looking to make your lights super smart, then the XMCosy smart RGB bulbs are a great addition to your smart home. Having an Alexa-controlled lighting system makes life so much easier; just tell Alexa "goodnight" and shut them all down.

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