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Netflix's Stranger Things is set to return for its third season on July 4, when audiences will see Eleven and her friends enjoying their summer vacation. As you can see from these spectacular Funko Pop! figures, the gang's sartorial choices will also reach new heights, as the bright colors and wild patterns of the '80s take over. Gear up for the new season with these Funko Pop! figures.

Fight evil: Stranger Things - Battle Eleven

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Evil looms in Stranger Things 3, which means Eleven won't get to enjoy her adolescence for very long. When she's not dressing to impress at the Starcourt Mall, the hero is fighting evil from the Upside Down, and getting a wicked nosebleed in the process.

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So '80s: Stranger Things - Eleven (Mall Outfit)

Eleven may possess extraordinary abilities, but that doesn't mean she doesn't strive to be a normal teen. This Funko Pop! figure shows the character in her "mall outfit," a brightly colored romper that looks like it came straight out of an '80s music video.

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Dad Mode: Stranger Things - Hopper

Chief Jim Hopper cleans up well when he's not wearing his police uniform. Hopper has become an important part of the Stranger Things family and will become even more important when the show returns, as he acts as the primary guardian for Eleven. Can he be a dad and protect the town?

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Nice pajamas: Stranger Things - Will (the Wise)

Will has endured physical and emotional torment over the past few seasons, and in season three, it looks as though he'll try to make up for lost time by acting, well, like a kid. That means dressing up as Will the Wise, complete with wizard garb and a magical staff.

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Camp Know Where: Stranger Things - Dustin (at Camp)

Dustin will be sent off to Camp Know Where over his summer vacation, where he'll don crisp khaki shorts and a bright yellow hat. What is Camp Know Where? Is it to teach kids outdoor skills? To teach them accounting? We're not sure, but Dustin is probably the coolest kid there.

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Best dressed: Stranger Things - Lucas

I don't know what the deal is with Lucas' outfit but I'm loving it. We're not sure where the narrative will take Lucas this season, but we're eager to see how his romantic relationship with Max progresses. Either way, you'll be hard pressed to find a more sharply dressed character this season.

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Working man: Stranger Things - Steve with Hat and Ice Cream

It won't be all fun and games for the Stranger Things gang, because Steve is going to get a summer job at an ice cream shop in the Starcourt Mall. Steve forged quite the relationship with Dustin in season two, so it'll be interesting to watch the development of Dad Steve, especially now that he's a working man.

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Max shopping: Stranger Things - Max (Mall Outfit)

Joining Eleven at the mall over the summer will be Max, who audiences were introduced to in season two. Max is a strong character who the group eventually took a liking to, particularly Dustin and Lucas. Look for her role to be expanded in season three as her budding romance with Lucas grows.

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Baby sister: Stranger Things - Erica

You remember Erica, don't you? She's the sister of Lucas, and she's getting an expanded role in Stranger Things 3. With greater responsibility comes a Funko Pop! figure, which features the character wearing a helmet with what appears to be flashlights attached to either side.

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Things will get even stranger (things)

What's better than a summer vacation with friends? It's a time to hang out, get into trouble, and go on new adventures. Unfortunately for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana, the fun will be rudely interrupted by dangers old and new.

Who better to take on that danger than Eleven in battle mode who audiences will see attempt to become a normal teenager in the upcoming season. She's been put through the ringer over the past two seasons. Does she have anything left in the tank?

Although he doesn't possess special powers, we're really digging Steve in his work outfit. How will his job responsibilities effect his dynamic with the group? We're not really sure, but we hope he can find time to continue being a good dad to Dustin.

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