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Unless you are an awfully tall NBA player, it goes without saying you will need a step ladder to accomplish some chores around the house. Tasks like changing a light bulb, reaching for stuff on the top shelf, or organizing your garage become much easier with a step ladder. These height assistants come with sizeable steps that offer excellent stability and absolute comfort. Here are some of our top picks for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cosco Three Big Folding Step Stool

Super sturdy: Cosco 11408GNF1E Folding Step Ladder

Staff Pick

The Cosco three-step folding ladder takes the top spot thanks to its unmatched quality construction and smart design. The extra-large, slip-resistant steps offer stable heel-to-toe support, while the lightweight plastic design makes it easy to carry from room to room. Two front leg tips and two continuous rear leg pads offer additional stability while protecting the floor from scuffs. The padded handgrip offers extra support as you go up or down the ladder.

$47 at Amazon
Cosco 2 Step Household Ladder

Medium household duty rating: Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool

Cosco's lightweight and compact stool supports up to 220 pounds and offers a little extra height when you need it. The steel frame and steps provide exceptional support. Even better, the steps are slip-resistant to minimize the risk of sliding off the ladder. Front legs are reinforced with non-marring leg caps, while the rear legs have continuous footpads that protect your floor while adding stability. This ladder folds flat, meaning you can store it in tight spaces.

$33 at Amazon
Hbtower Folding Step Ladder

Superb load capacity: HBTower 3 Step Ladder

Designed with safety and practicality in mind, this sturdy, three-step ladder supports a whopping 500 pounds. Wide anti-slip pedals and big non-slip horseshoes make this ladder super safe and secure. Besides, the rubber feet protect floors from scuffing. It's made from quality steel with a metallic safety buckle that automatically locks into place once you step on the ladder. There is a cross brace structure at the back that reinforces the primary support system for added safety. It comes fully assembled, is easy to open, and collapses for portability and practical storage in narrow spaces.

$59 at Amazon
Little Giant Ladders

Super-slim profile: Little Giant Ladders

At 6-feet high, this is the highest ladder from Little Giant's Flip-N-Lite series. This easy design has to be the best climb-in-comfort ladder for seasoned construction pros or busy DIY enthusiasts. It opens up and collapses down smoothly with just one hand. The extra-wide standing platform and deep rungs offer exceptional comfort, minimizing foot fatigue, especially when working for long hours. While it has a heavy-duty aluminum construction that supports up to 300 pounds, the ladder is super light and slim. The tray top cap keeps your tools within reach.

$107 at Amazon
Delxo Folding Step Ladder

Reach even higher: Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder

Delxo folding four-step ladder is perfect for working at different heights in absolute comfort and safety. This heavy-duty ladder comes fully assembled and supports up to 330 pounds. A convenient hand grip makes it easy to climb and carry around. The standing platforms offer heel-to-toe support and are spaced ten inches apart, so you don't hit your knees as you go down or up the ladder. The ladder's easy-folding capability, coupled with a reliable locking mechanism, ensures security and stability.

$61 at Amazon
Louisville Step Stool

Industrial strength: Louisville Ladder 2 Feet, Black

Despite weighing only 6 pounds, this ladder is as sturdy and tough as they come. Packing an elegant style, sleek finish, angled legs, and 300-pound capacity, it is the epitome of reliability and durability. It's made from lightweight aluminum for easy transport and has slip-resistant feet for absolute stability. The top standing platform is rugged to reduce slip-ups. This 2-foot step stool is ideal for light indoor and outdoor tasks.

$40 at Amazon

Step up

Step ladders provide a few extra feet when you need to reach or store items way above your head. If you are looking for different heights to work from, you can rely on the Cosco Three-Step Folding Step Stool that boasts three great heights. It's super light and folds flat for easy storage in tight spaces. The front and rear legs have non-marring caps to prevent slip-ups or floor scuffing.

If you are looking for one to bear substantial weight capacity, look no further than the HBTower 3 Step Ladder. The robust steel construction coupled with broad non-slip steps support a whopping 500 pounds. Even with such a huge load capacity, this ladder is surprisingly light and collapses flat.

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