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The Star Wars franchise has been the root of countless toys over the years, but their quality has varied. When you're looking for a great Star Wars toy, it helps to weed out some of the chaff. Overall, the best Star Wars toy you can get is the Electronic Chewbacca Mask as it perfectly balances price with quality and value, offering users of all ages a fun and silly way to entertain, freak out, or scare their friends and family.

Best Overall: Electronic Chewbacca Mask

The Electronic Chewbacca Mask is a simple, yet genius concept: it lets people wear Chewbacca's face, and when they open their mouths, it causes one of Chewbacca's iconic roar sound clips to play from the mask's speakers. Opening your mouth wider causes the mask to play the sound louder, and this can be used to hilarious effect. For example, is your kid sleeping through their alarm? Go into his or her room and freak him out with a real wake-up call. The mask itself is built with hard plastic, making it sturdy and durable, and the detailing on it is beautiful.

It may not be the flashiest toy out there, but it offers the most bang for your buck amongst all Star Wars toys.


  • Hilarious concept
  • Mask is durable
  • Detailing on the mask is gorgeous
  • Very affordable


  • May not fit large adult faces

Best Overall

Electronic Chewbacca Mask

Simple, yet genius

The Electronic Chewbacca Mask offers incredible value for a balanced and affordable price, making it the best overall Star Wars toy on the market.

For Collectors: Star Wars 1996 Gold Card Set

This set of 23-karat gold Star Wars cards from 1996 is absolutely gorgeous, and it's a must-have for anyone who loves collecting. All seven cards are in Graded-Gem-Mint 10 condition and come with plastic cases to ensure that no harm will come to them during shipping, and the cards themselves feature various iconic things from the Star Wars franchise, ranging from the movie posters for the original films to the beloved Millennium Falcon.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Cards in top condition
  • 23-karat gold
  • Not super expensive


  • Seven cards may be too few for some

For Collectors

Star Wars 1996 Gold Card Set

A collector's dream

This set of gorgeous 23-karat gold Star Wars cards from 1996 is sure to please any collector, especially ones who love the Star Wars franchise.

Premium Option: Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber

If you're looking for a premium toy, the Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber is one of the coolest ones that you can buy. With a hilt that's mainly composed of real metal and durable plastic, a blade that can light up dark rooms with an illumination that looks just like what you see in the movies, and sound effects taken directly from the Skywalker Ranch libraries, this lightsaber will make you feel like you're holding the real thing.


  • Excellent design
  • Quality materials
  • Authentic sound effects
  • Fantastic visual effects


  • Expensive

Premium Option

Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber

Wield the blade of a Sith

The Darth Vader Force FX is made of quality materials and is designed superbly, making it an authentic model that will make you feel like you're holding a real lightsaber.

For Kids: Nerf Imperial Blaster

This Nerf Imperial Blaster is designed to look just like the rifles that Imperial soldiers used in the Star Wars film Rogue One, complete with a Nerf-style orange finish, blaster sound effects, and a glow-in-the-dark barrel. It shoots darts accurately and quickly, making it an incredibly fun toy for young children who want to have fake blaster fights. Don't worry about injury, as the darts are made out of soft foam and bounce harmlessly off of clothes and skin. In addition, the blaster itself is made of hard plastic, making it very break-resistant.


  • Cool design
  • Accurate shooting
  • Darts are very safe
  • Durable build


  • Only comes with three darts

For Kids

Nerf Imperial Blaster

A safe way to play

The Nerf Imperial Blaster shoots darts that are accurate, yet safe, making it perfect for children who want to have pretend blaster fights. The blaster itself is also awesome thanks to its durable design and audio/visual effects.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, the Electronic Chewbacca Mask is the best overall Star Wars toy you can get due to its perfect balance between price and value, and how much fun it is to use with friends and family.

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