Best Star Wars Candy TechnoBuffalo 2020

Star Wars and candy have been a natural pairing since you snacked on Jujyfruits in the theater during Return of the Jedi. Now the Force flows through these sweet treats with Star Wars branding and characters. These are the best Star Wars candies for Younglings and Jedi alike.

Lolli-sabers: Disney's Star Wars Light Up Lightsaber Candy Suckers, Assorted Fruit (Pack of 10)

Staff favorite

Enjoy sweet lightsabers from the light and dark sides. These candies are battery powered to light up for an extra cool effect. A huge hit as party favors for your next birthday.

$35 at Amazon

Jabba's Jelly Belly: Star Wars Galaxy Mix Sparkling Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly is popular in every galaxy, and this mix of sparkling jelly beans come in fun packs with Yoda, Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters on each bag. Pop them into treat bags!

$31 at Amazon

Dispense the fun: PEZ Candy Star Wars Gift Set with Candy (Pack of 2)

Awaken the hero inside of the ones you love with these special PEZ from the Last Jedi. This 2-pack gift set includes candy refills, and is perfect for kids.

$9 at Amazon

Be my C3P0: Star Wars Valentine's Day Classroom Friendship Exchange Candy Bracelets

Friendship is key to success when facing the dark side. These fun friendship bracelets bring Star Wars excitement to a Valentines-themed gift exchange.

$17 at Amazon

Dark side pop protection: Star Wars Pop Ups Blister Card with Chupa Chups Lollipops

Pop Ups are a fun combo of toys and candy. These fun pop open lollipop holders protect your candy with two cool Star Wars character heads.

$15 at Amazon

BB8 on a stick: Easter Star Wars BB8 and Stormtrooper Shaped Lollipops (Pack of 12)

This pack of 12 lollipops brings balance to the Force and your treats, with 6 BB8 and 6 Stormtroopers. Give a fruit punch taste to gift bags or baskets.

$35 at Amazon

The best candy in any galaxy

Our selections include many of the most fun Star Wars candies available. Our top choice is the Disney's Star Wars Light Up Lightsaber Candy. The combination of light up toy and lollipop makes these great for kids and adults. The variety of colors lets everyone choose which side they want to be on. Be careful not to duel too rough with them, because candy is more delicate than a kyber crystal.

If your tastes in candy tend more towards PEZ, try out the PEZ Candy Star Wars Gift Set. These character dispensers from The Last Jedi provide tasty candy fun, and make great displays after you're done. For something really different, check out Star Wars Pop Ups Blister Card with Chupa Chups Lollipops. These lollipop holders can be refilled with more lollipops, to make the fun last time and time again.

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