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Since his debut in 1962, Spider-Man has become one of the most beloved superheroes ever created. With genius-level intellect, superhuman strength, and ultra-fast reflexes, he swings through New York City with the greatest of ease, all while trying to juggle a normal life. You can help Spidey fight crime with these awesomely detailed Spider-Man figures.

Mechanical heroics: Spider-Man - Iron Spider Suit

Staff pick

Taken from Avengers: Infinity War, this Spider-Man action figure showcases the hero's fantastic Iron Spider suit, which features accents of gold and four mechanical arms. The Iron Spider figure stands 6 inches tall, features high articulation, and even comes with an Infinity Stone.

$11 at Amazon

Classic comics: Spider-Man Titan Hero Series

This 12-inch scale Spider-Man figure features ball joint articulation and a classic design, as though he was ripped right out of the comics. With his hand in web mode, you can imagine Spidey swinging around your room or office, as you use the hero's great power to eradicate baddies.

$7 at Amazon

Miles Morales: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Titan Series

Based on the terrific black and red suit worn by Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, this action figure stands at a towering 12 inches tall and features lifelike articulation. After you write your next term paper, strike a pose and keep your neighborhood safe with this impressive figure.

$8 at Amazon

Villain showdown: Spider-Man Marvel Legends Vulture 2-Pack

Battle one of Spider-Man's fiercest foes with this Marvel Legends 2-pack, which features a classic Spider-Man design and the diabolical Vulture. Both figures feature high articulation, allowing you to let your imagination run free as the two do battle across New York City.

$24 at Amazon

Disney store exclusive: Spider-Man: Homecoming - Marvel Select

This action figure looks alarmingly good, as though actor Tom Holland was shrunk down and encased in plastic. The 7-inch figure features premium articulation, a detailed design, and an awesome display base. It also comes with interchangeable hands for endless action poses.

$25 at Disney

Swinging action: Spider-Man Miles Morales - Marvel Toybox

Another fantastic Miles Morales action figure, though this one features a unique twist. The figure comes with a retractable web accessory with a suction on the end, so you can swing Miles around your home or just let him hang around as he keeps bad guys at bay.

$13 at Disney

Crusin' around: Spider-Man with Cycle

Spider-Man can easily and effortlessly swing his way around New York City, but why not ride in style with a Spider-Man-themed motorcycle? This action figure features a Spider cycle, as the superhero goes full dad mode and cruises around while fighting crime.

$15 at Amazon

With sound effects: Spider-Man Talking Action Figure

With a genuine design and high articulation, this Spider-Man figure would look great in any collection. But what sets it apart is its sound effects. Press a button and the action figure will say one of fifteen phrases, as the witty and brave superhero fights to keep NYC safe.

$30 at Amazon

With great power comes great responsibility

People love Spider-Man (both Peter Parker and Miles Morales) because he's one of the most relatable superheroes out there. Although he has superhuman strength and spider-like abilities, he's still a normal guy dealing with everyday problems.

Our favorite action figure is Spider-Man in his Iron Spider suit, which the web slinger wore in Avengers: Infinity War. It features a glitzy design and fierce mechanical arms, which really come in handy when you're fighting crime.

We also really like the Spider-Man figure with talking effects. In addition to featuring a classic design and high articulation, the figure can utter 15 phrases, so you and Spidey can team up to keep the neighborhood safe.

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