Best Spatulas TechnoBuffalo 2020

Mastering tasks in the kitchen is more manageable when you have the right tools, and spatulas are no exception. Purchasing a new spatula means making decisions about the material it's made from, the style, and sometimes the color. That's why we've researched and put this collection of spatulas together, so you can skip ahead to being productive. Whether you want one spatula to handle most tasks or specific spatulas for each job, we've got you covered.

Multitask master: StarPack Premium Silicone Spoonula

Spoonulas are a cross between a spatula and a spoon. They're great for serving food out of nonstick cookware, stir-frying, flipping or scrambling eggs, stirring batter, or mixing sauces. They are the best of both worlds, which means it's hard to find a task in the kitchen that they can't handle with ease.

$11 at Amazon

Delicate dishes: Dexter-Russell Slotted Fish Turner

The slotted turner is one of the most popular spatulas in the kitchen for flipping fish, but it can handle more than one trick. The slots let the steam escape when you slide the very thin edge under foods -- like fried eggs -- in your skillet. The bare steel finish on the blade means you don't have to worry about a coating chipping off, and you can use a scrubber on it when necessary.

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Get it on the grill: Winco Stainless Turner

The wide and stiff metal of this spatula allows you to easily flip burgers on the grill without them falling apart on either side. The addition of a wooden handle means it won't heat up too much like plastic or metal over the open flames, making it safer for your hands. Plus, this spatula isn't oversized and can be used with your cast iron or stainless steel pans.

$8 at Amazon

Best for braising: OXO Wooden Turner

Wooden spatulas are easy to hold and made of a natural material that looks better over time. They're the ideal tool for working fond off the bottom of your ceramic dutch oven or crock-pot without causing damage. As an added benefit, a wood spatula works great for mixing salads or serving rice.

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Frosting with finesse: Wilton Angled Spatula

Icing spatulas are obviously good for cakes, but they're also good at spreading fudge or brownies in a pan. The angled blade makes it comfortable to hold while keeping your hands from touching whatever you're spreading. You can also ditch your butter knife for this spatula when you're buttering an entire loaf of garlic bread, which will save time.

$4 at Amazon

Small but mighty: OXO Jar Spatula

Why throw away the last bit of a delicious jelly or sauce stuck in the jar, when you could be eating it now? A slim spatula can reach the crevices of a jar that butter knives and spoons cannot. Plus, the size of this spatula makes it perfect for frosting small confections.

$8 at Amazon

From the top

Unlike metal or wood, silicone spatulas are both easy on your pans and even easier to clean. So if you only have room in your kitchen (and heart) for one spatula, then spring for the StarPack Premium Silicone Spoonula. This one spatula can do nearly all tasks covered by this collection, especially with heat resistance up to 600 Fahrenheit. There are no separate handles fused to the utensil, only soft and easy-to-hold silicone, which means you won't get bits of food stuck in small crevices. It also has a few colors to choose from, along with full sets of utensils to match it -- should you want to expand your collection later.

If two spatulas don't sound like too many, and you need something thinner for fish and chicken, then we also suggest picking up the Dexter-Russell Slotted Fish Turner. It's easy to get under almost any food and made of durable materials. Plus, the wooden handle won't get too hot if you rest it on the edge of your pan.

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