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Snowshoeing is a fun way to burn calories and get around safely when the weather goes south. The snowshoes I swear by are from FLASHTEK. These lightweight snowshoes get you places where other models fail. They work well on trails and off, and handle hilly inclines and descents without trouble. There are a few snowshoes aside from the FLASHTEKs that stand out from the pack. Whether you're looking for a pair for your kids or yourself, these are the best snowshoes your money can buy.

Flashtek Snowshoes Render Cropped

Best overall: FLASHTEK 21/25/30

Staff Pick

The FLASHTEK Terrain shoes are streamlined in design and have an upturned rounded tail, so they work on light snow on flat ground with light snow and while climbing up steep hills over heavy snow. The fast pull binding system helps you jump in these shoes quickly with your regular cold weather boots, and they're just as easy to take off. These are lightweight snowshoes, crafted of aircraft aluminum, and they're available in three sizes. This kit comes with the snowshoes, a carry bag, and poles. This is a great setup and one of the best snowshoes your money can buy.

$120 at Amazon
Alps Snowshoes Render Cropped

Best value: ALPS

Snowshoeing is an expensive affair. You need the shoes, poles, and some sort of bag to house all your gear. This kit from ALPs gives you all the necessities at a fair price. With aluminum frames and fast pull binding buckles, these beginner-friendly shoes come in a variety of sizes. The heel bindings help you climb moderate hills with ease, and the aluminum alloy teeth increase traction and grip on powdery snow paths that are untraveled. If you're just starting out and want the best bang for your buck, these are the best snowshoes out there today. You get a lightweight set of shoes, poles, and a carryall bag.

$110 at Amazon

Best for steep terrain: Wildhorn Outfitters Sawtooth

Wildhorn Outfitters specializes in designing affordable outdoor gear to make nature more accessible to those of any skillset. Available in 21" or 27" sizes, Sawtooth shoes are built for adults up to 235 pounds. The frames on these shoes are durable and lightweight, courtesy of an aluminum build. Even in deep powder, you'll get superior flotation from the HDPE decking, a type of lightweight, sustainable plastic that holds up to frigid temperatures. Hardpack grip teeth provide excellent traction, and with a steel incline heel lift riser, these shoes are a winner for the toughest of uphill climbs.

$121 at Amazon
MSR Evo Trail

Best all-terrain: MSR Evo Trail

If you plan to use your snowshoes in various environments, then picking the right shoe is crucial. The 22-inch MSR Evo Trail shoes provide stellar grip from hills to powdery trails. These shoes have a carbon steel frame, fit men's shoes from 4.5-15, and support up to 180 lbs. For extra support, there are optional floatation tails that can be purchased separately from MSR. These snowshoes also feature Steel traction rails, and brake bars are molded into snowshoe decking for extra grip. At 22-inches, these are fantastic for beginners and a stellar option for folks of all genders.

$140 at Amazon
Monsta Trax Render Cropped

Best for kids: Airhead monsta trax

The fun and functional snowshoes from Airhead, known as the Monsta Trax, teach kids the basics while giving them a stable platform to learn and grow. The easy-on/easy-off adjustable bindings work with all shoes and boots and make cool monster tracks in the show as kids move along. The raised toes on these shoes don't catch in the snow, which helps your child stay upright. High traction bottoms stick well to fluffy snow but are a little slippery in the snow that's packed down. These are a reliable learning tool for kids with an all-in-one design that prevents snow buildup so kids can concentrate on learning the sport than being frustrated by the technicalities.

$21 at Amazon
Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

Best entry-level option: Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

If you're new to snowshoes, or you are on the smaller size, then finding a pair that don't feel too heavy or clunky can help you to gain confidence on your winter hikes. The Chinook Trekker Snowshoes are a light and affordable option that delivers plenty of grip. An aluminum frame makes your walks easier to get acclimated to, while heavy-duty crampons bite into the snow to give you superior traction on slopes. These shoes are fantastic for packed snow or moderate terrain and come with a carry pack to make storage simple during the warmer months.

$65 at Amazon

Bottom line

The snowshoes we recommend for most conditions are from FLASHTEK. The body is a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that doesn't weigh you down, and the HDPE decking gives you good flotation on most types of snow.

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