We usually save our top 5 smartphone lists until the end of the year but, given the influx of new phones that have landed in our laps, we figured now would be just as good a time as ever to bring you a list of our favorites.

And, unlike some of our other lists, the TechnoBuffalo team actually did work to organize this in order, starting with number 5 and working down the page to the very best smartphone we think you can buy right now.

We know you might agree or disagree with our selection, and that’s OK. All of these phones are great. Some are here because of the price, or exceptional features or just all around greatness. Let’s dive in.

5. BlackBerry Priv

I’ve been using the Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6s Plus as my daily drivers but I’m ready to bring the BlackBerry Priv back into the fold. It now has Android Marshmallow and the recent software update also fixed an issue where headphone audio was too quiet. I love the keyboard, its display rocks and the form factor is more unique than anything else you’ll find out there. Let’s hope BlackBerry keeps making great Android phones.

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4. Nexus 6P

You really can’t go wrong at the price. With the all-metal Nexus 6P you can stick to pure Android Marshmallow or even experiment with early developer builds of Android N. And you’ll be among the first to get Android N when it hits the market, too. I also love the Nexus 6P for use with Project Fi, its great camera, fast camera sensor and great speakers.

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3. iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s Plus sticks it out as my favorite iPhone, but I guess that’s not saying a whole lot these days. It’s certainly powerful enough, provides awesome features like Touch ID and Apple Pay and stellar battery life and an amazing camera. I can’t help but feel the software is starting to show its age, though, so while it’s definitely a top 5 smartphone, it’s not at the top.

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2. Galaxy S7 Edge

This is when you start to get into the real heated debate of best smartphone out there. I’m personally of the belief that it’s the Galaxy S7 Edge, which I personally bought. The Galaxy S7 Edge offers a stunning industrial design that’s easy on the eyes and also protected from water and dust. The display, processor, wireless charging, camera module and more are all pretty much best-in class.

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1. HTC 10

The HTC 10 takes the cake in this top 5 list of the best smartphones. Jon loves the software, the all-metal design, the camera, speakers, headphone audio quality and more. He recently did a head-to-head comparison between it and the Galaxy S7 Edge and, ultimately, picked HTC’s flagship as the winner. I personally like the Adoptable Storage option, which is omitted from Samsung’s device, and HTC’s front-facing OIS camera, too. The HTC 10 takes the cake as the best smartphone you can buy right now.

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