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Oh, the joys of slime! Kids and adults alike cannot resist the delightful feeling of gelatinous goo oozing in-between their fingers. This sensory plaything has never been so popular, with hundreds of brands and varieties available for purchase. How to decide which slime is worth the buy? This is precisely the question we strive to answer with the following list.


Best learning experience: National Geographic Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab

Staff Pick

Have you ever wondered what the difference between fluffy slime and liquid varieties is? Or how a slime could glow in the dark? National Geographic answers these questions with their Mega Slime & Putty Lab, which explores every type of slime and provides scientific explanations for their different properties. The best part - it comes with eight different samples of slime!

$30 at Amazon
Kicko Galaxy Slime

Eye candy factor: Kicko Marbled Galaxy Slime

Colors, colors, everywhere. Kicko marbled slime comes premixed in galactic rainbow colors. This pack of six will provide no end of variety; each canister is a new and colorful adventure.

$12 at Amazon
Arfun Therapy Slime Putty

Best for adults: Arfun Magnetic Therapy Putty

Slime isn't just for kids! This magnetic slime putty from Arfun is designed as a therapeutic stress reliever for adults or children that improves focus and concentration. It is also excellent for occupational therapy and supporting fine motor strength. This set comes with small magnets that the slime interacts with in an interesting way.

$12 at Amazon
Meland Fluffy Slime

Parent's favorite: Meland Fluffy Floam Slime

No mess, no stress! Parents love this fluffy slime from Meland. The fluffy texture is perfectly goopy and moldable, but leaves behind no sticky residue on hands or other surfaces. Kids enjoy it, and parents don't have to worry about the aftermath.

$11 at Amazon
Chefslime Egg Slime Pack

Best party favor: ChefSlime Stretchy Slime Eggs

Planning a spectacular slimy party? Here's your party favor! This pack of 24 slime-filled eggs will impress every kid at the party. Each egg is filled with half an ounce of colorful, non-toxic slime that stretches and oozes without sticking to little hands.

$18 at Amazon
Canal Toys Slime Playset

Best slime playset: Canal Toys Slime DIY Factory

This brings loads of fun to the process of making your own slime. The kit includes slime powder, glitter, and confetti that can be combined in any number of ways. Simply add the ingredients to the shaker and spin to watch the magic unfold.

$19 at Amazon

Bottom Line

There's no end of variety when it comes to slime! Our favorite is the National Geographic Slime Lab because it comes with so many types of slime, and it explains the scientific mystery behind each one. It's the perfect gift for budding little Einsteins!

Parents will likely prefer Meland's fluffy slime since it won't stick to fingers or play surfaces as children manipulate it. Then there's Arfun Magnetic Therapy Putty for therapeutic and stress relief purposes. Which one will you pick?

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