Best Screen Protectors for the iPhone XR TechnoBuffalo 2022

The iPhone XR, fresh off its 2018 release, is one of the most popular smartphones available today. If you happen to be one of the lucky people who owns this phone, you want to keep it alive and well. A good place to start is with a great screen protector, and you've come to the right place. Here are our picks for the best screen protectors for the iPhone XR.

Go-to option: amFilm Screen Protector

Staff favorite

If you want protection, look no further than amFilm's Screen Protector. The tried and true maker of premium tempered glass screen protectors is the best option to keep your iPhone XR display from unsightly marks, or worse, shattered glass. More so, it comes in a three-pack should you need a fresh install.

$9 at Amazon

Disappearing act: XDesign Screen Protector

Need a screen protector to disappear into your iPhone XR display? The XDesign Screen Protector your is best choice. It comes in at an impossibly thin 0.25mm, yet its strong and durable finish made of 9H hardness will dutifully protect your screen from whatever may come.

$13 at Amazon

Tough as nails: Tech Armor Screen Protector

Tech Armor's Ballistc Screen Protector offers more than just a cool name, it offers the rugged protection your iPhone XR deserves. Thin (0.33mm) yet strong (9H hardness,) this screen protector is made of highest grade Japanese Asahi glass, ensuring top-notch performance.

$10 at Amazon

Easy fit: Spigen Screen Protector

There's not much you could want from a screen protector than what Spigen offers. It's thin, strong, clear and super easy to install thanks to the installation kit that comes with it. For easy and quick protection, this is a great pick.

$13 at Amazon

Best value: OMOTION Screen Protector

If you strictly want the best bang for your buck, you can't beat OMOTION's Screen Protector bundle that comes with three screen protectors and an installation kit for the best price around.

$6 at Amazon

Double the protection: Anker Screen Protector

Anker's GlassGuard Screen Protector is a true innovator in screen protection. It is made of a Double Defense Technology that offers twice the strength compared to other screen protectors. It is perfect for stopping scratches and even prevents cracking.

$10 at Amazon

The options to protect your iPhone XR display are quite extensive, yet these stand out as the best screen protectors you can buy. The amFilm Screen Protector leads the charge with its protection, value and is our personal favorite, though the XDesign Screen Protector is another option worth considering.

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