Best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors TechnoBuffalo 2019

After seemingly being abandoned, Apple has finally updated the iPad mini. The diminutive tablet now features an A12 Bionic chip and Apple Pencil support, suddenly making it a great option in Apple's excellent lineup of devices. To help protect your new iPad mini, we've rounded up the best screen protectors to buy.

Precision protection: Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Anker's tempered glass screen protector has been laser-cut to fit the iPad mini 5 for maximum protection. The tempered glass features a 9H hardness rating, so it will protect against things like keys, dust, and other daily hazards.

$7 at Amazon

Tough and clean: JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This 0.33mm thick tempered glass screen protector was made to protect your iPad mini and keep it looking pristine. It features a 9H hardness rating, which means that not even a knife will damage the iPad mini's display.

$6 at Amazon

No more fingerprints: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The amFilm tempered glass screen protector has been specifically designed for Apple's latest iPad mini, offering 99% transparency, 9H hardness rating, and an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges.

$9 at Amazon

Super tough: Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With HD clarity, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, and 9H hardness rating, the Supershieldz tempered glass screen protector is the ultimate in iPad mini protection. Supershieldz's design also features 2.5D rounded edge glass for improved comfort, which will go a long way with extended use.

$10 at Amazon

Armor strong: Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Tech Armor provides the protection your iPad mini 5 needs against scratches and even impact drops. The Ballistic Glass features anti-glare technology and doesn't get in the way of the device's beautiful screen, so you can enjoy movies, games, and more and not even notice the Tech Armor screen protector is there.

$11 at Amazon

Precise and strong: Ailun Tempered Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With a 12 month warranty and a precise laser-cut design, Ailun's iPad mini 5 screen protector fits perfectly on Apple's new device. It's easy to install and easy to eliminate bubbles, and it features a special coating to combat against unsightly fingerprints and smudges.

$6 at Amazon

Protecting the iPad mini's screen will keep your device looking good at all times. Whether you take the iPad mini on a trip or simply use it to read at home, a good screen protector like Anker's tempered glass will ensure the device is in tiptop shape throughout its lifespan. It's a small investment to make to protect your device from scratches and other daily hazards.

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