Best Screen Protectors for the Huawei P30 Pro TechnoBuffalo 2021

The Huawei P30 Pro just came out recently but it is already one of the best smartphones you can buy. That's mostly because of its amazing four-camera system, which is pretty awesome, but its display doesn't fall far behind and it is the feature you'll end up using most. As such, protecting it is very important. Here are our picks for best screen protectors for the Huawei P30 Pro.

Ultimate glass protection: SuperShieldz Glass Screen Protector

Staff Favorite

Searching for a great screen protector for the P30 Pro starts with the SuperShieldz Glass Screen Protector. The benefits of glass screen protectors are quite obvious: they are durable, premium and complement the user experience. This does just that, offering 99% clarity and maximum scratch protection while the 2.5D rounded edges contort with the design of the phone.

$11 at Amazon

Slim and sleek: Orzero Glass Screen Protector

Where the Orzero Glass Screen Protector stands apart is with its slim and sleek finish. The edges that go over the P30 Pro bezels are blacked out, which give it a very stealthy look that blends even more seamlessly into your display. However, it also boasts some of the best features you want from a screen protector such as premium hardness and lifetime replacement warranty.

$8 at Amazon

Strong and durable: MaKo Glass Screen Protector

Mako's Glass Screen Protector is ready to keep your stunning P30 Pro display perfect for years to come. The tempered glass solution is strong with 9H hardness, and it is sleek at only 0.33mm thick the almost blends into the display itself. Throw in all the features of other great screen protectors—oleophobic coating, anti-scratch hardness, super clear finish—and you have a winner.

$8 at Amazon

Max versatility: Orzero Film Screen Protector

The Orzero Film Screen Protector offers some of the best versatility you will find in a screen protector. Made of a flexible and ultra thin skin, it curves around the edges to protect the P30 Pro display. It offers 99.9% transparency, so it won't get in the way, and its finish prevents issues like the rainbow effect from ever bothering you.

$8 at Amazon

Flexible protection: Pulen Film Screen Protector

Another worthy film screen protector is the Pulen Film Screen Protector. It is made of a flexible and durable ultra-clear TPU material that completely covers the P30 Pro's 6.47-inch display. It is scratch resistant and the oleophobic coating holds off unsightly fingerprints. As added protection, it comes with a three-pack.

$8 at Amazon

Super clarity: Aolander Film Screen Protector

The Aolander Film Screen Protector is made out of a hydrogel film that has self-healing capabilities. Minor scratches will disappear over time while more intense scratches will affect the screen protector and not your valuable P30 Pro display. If that should happen, it comes with a three-pack which makes replacing the screen protector very convinient.

$9 at Amazon

Keep that display looking beautiful

The Huawei P30 Pro is one of the best smartphones in 2019, but that unfortunately doesn't make it the easiest phone to find a screen protector for. That's because it isn't readily available in the U.S., and that makes accessory items very scant. But fear not, we found some great screen protectors for it. That selection is not as rich as other devices, but we still have you covered.

Our staff favorite is the SuperShieldz Glass Screen Protector. When buying a screen protector, the best options are glass ones. They offers a seamless experience while still delivering top-notch protection, which this screen protector does. More so, it curves to match the P30 Pro's curving edges that give it a sleek look.

For as much as we love tempered glass screen protectors, we also see the merit in film screen protectors. Which is why the Orzero Film Screen Protector is another one of our selections. Film screen protectors offer unmatched thinness while still delivering protection from unwanted scratches.

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