The Galaxy S10 is the best Samsung phone you can buy right now. Not only is it the best Samsung has to offer with specs and features that rival any phone. It was also just released which means it is the best Android smartphone you can buy right now.

Our pick

Galaxy S10

The best Android has to offer.

By all accounts, the Galaxy S10 is the best Android phone. It's a culmination of years of work for Samsung that resulted in a phone that has every bell and whistle a smartphone should have: specs, camera, design, features, and the stunning Infinity-O display.

Who should buy the Galaxy S10?

Those looking for the best Android device around and are willing to pay for it. The Galaxy S10 isn't cheap, but it is worth it. Over the past few years, Samsung has been tweaking with its smartphone design and the Galaxy S10 became its crowning achievement, melding ultra-premium design with powerful performance.

The Galaxy S10 doesn't quite rate as high as other devices in a few key categories—camera or pricing—but it does all of those good enough to earn the title of the best all-around Android device. You'll pay a premium for it, and trade off is that you'll get everything you want from a smartphone and then some.

Is it a good time to buy this phone?

Definitely. The Galaxy S10 just came out which means it is brand spanking with its whole lifespan ahead of it. It also doesn't hurt that Samsung packed it to the brim with the best specs to keep it performing at a high level for years to come.

Reasons to buy

  • Infinity-O display
  • Stunning design
  • Impressive triple-camera
  • Reverse wireless charging
  • Even has headphone jack

Reasons not to buy

  • Expensive

None do it better than the Galaxy S10

Samsung took a big pivot in 2016 when it ditched the cheap plastic design it used for all of its phones and adopted a premium glass and metal aesthetic. Since then, it has slowly been refining that design, curving the glass in different ways and adding and removing edge displays through trial and error. With the Galaxy S10, Samsung finally found the perfect design.

The curves as seamless and enhance the experience of holding the phone in your hand leading to its show stopping feature you can help but notice when hold the device: the Infinity-O display.

Samsung has been consistently making the best smartphone displays for years now. The quality of the high-resolution OLED panels delivers the best media experience of any device, with rich and vibrant colors that utterly pop off the display. With the Galaxy S10 panel, the breathtaking Infinity-O display features a cut-out within the panel for the front-facing camera.

This leads to a beautiful symmetrical finish that eradicates ugly bezels and notches for a seamless experience. It's unlike anything we've seen before. The display alone is worth buying the phone.

The Infinity-O display alone is worth buying the phone.

As is in Samsung's propensity, it had to outfit the Galaxy S10 with the most powerful specs around. The Snapdragon 855 processor and 8GB of memory provide the spark to make the plus-size device go. And it definitely goes. It is snappy, smooth and easy to use. Doesn't matter the tasks you throw at it, performance churns through like a knife cutting through butter.

One of the reasons Samsung offers some of the best Android devices is its mobile cameras. The S10 comes with the triple-camera system of a 12MP main shooter, 12MP telephoto with 2x optical zoom and a 12MP ultra wide shooter. Truth be told, it is still not as good as the Pixel 3 camera, but it places in at a solid second place, which is better than most.

Capping the impressive device are extra features like the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner, reverse wireless charging, and the heavily improved One UI software.

This makes the Galaxy S10, hands down, the best Samsung phone of 2019.

Alternatives to Galaxy S10

I've waxed poetic about how great the Galaxy S10, but it may not be your cup of tea. Completely understandable, so here are a few other options worth considering.


Galaxy S10+

The same impressive package, but bigger.

The Galaxy S10+ is for those who love the Galaxy S10, but want a step up from its 6.1-inch display to something bigger.

Just about every spec between the Galaxy S10 and S10+ is shared—Snapdragon 855, OLED display, camera, features—but the Plus version just offers more of it. Instead of settling for 6.1-inch display or 8GB of RAM, you can ramp that up to a 6.4-inch display and 12GB of RAM. You'll also add the extra depth sensor for the front-facing camera. If paying the premium is worth it, this is most premium Samsung smartphone you can buy.

For stylus lovers

Galaxy Note 9

There's just something about the S-Pen.

It's tough to say a device like the Galaxy Note 9 isn't the best, but that's what happens when you get passed up. Don't, however, dismiss it because it is still a fantastic option, especially if you're into the S-Pen.

The best smartphone of 2018 was the Galaxy Note 9. That's why it earns a spot on our list. Sure, it may have been passed over by its Galaxy S10 brothers, but it's still one of the best Android smartphones you can buy. From the display to camera, it performs at a high level and better yet, you can nab some sweet discounts on it now.

Value pick

Galaxy S9

For those looking for a smaller device.

The Galaxy S10 is a special device, but if you aren't necessarily looking for the best and most expensive phone, the Galaxy S9 might be more of what you are looking for. It still packs a punch it is a year-old now, and it comes in at a killer price point now.

Samsung's first major flagship of 2018 was the Galaxy S9. It was the best it had to offer at the time, and that is a gorgeous display for media consumption and a high-end dual-camera system that takes fantastic photos. Crossing off just about every check most people want from a smartphone, the Galaxy S9 is a great option. And at $539, it's in the same economical price range as the price conscious OnePlus 6T.

Bottom line

You won't go wrong with the Galaxy S10. Samsung made sure of that by outfitting with every feature a smartphone can have. Throw in the added benefit of the in-display fingerprint scanner, reverse wireless charging, and the headphone jack, what more do you want from a smartphone?

We recommend

Galaxy S10

The best Android has to offer.

By all accounts, the Galaxy S10 is the best Android phone. It's a culmination of years of work for Samsung that resulted in a phone that has every bell and whistle a smartphone should have: specs, camera, design, features, and the stunning Infinity-O display.

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