The Galaxy Note 8 looks beautiful, but it’s not really the most durable phone out there. It’s made almost entirely of glass. Both the front and back are comprised of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5; however, that’s not going to stop the phone from getting scratched or cracked over time. A screen protector will help preserve your Galaxy Note 8 in like-new condition better than anything else.

Here are some of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Spigen NeoFlex

  • Price: $9, eligible for Prime shipping

Just like its cases, Spigen’s screen protectors are reliable. The NeoFlex screen protector provides you with two units, a solution spray, a silicone squeeze, a dust removal sticker, and an installation guide. Those are the essentials needed to perfectly apply this screen protector to your Galaxy Note 8. And, if something goes wrong, Spigen’s lifetime warranty nets you a free replacement.

Here you’re not getting a tempered glass screen protector. It’s a simple “full coverage film” that doesn’t bubble or show a rainbow at different angles. Spigen made a clear and flexible screen protector on the cheap to prevent scratches from ruining the 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display.

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amFilm Curved Tempered Glass

  • Price: $13, eligible for Prime shipping

Tempered glass is preferred by some for its reliability and resiliency, and amFilm created a budget-friendly choice for Galaxy Note 8 owners. The Curved Tempered Glass screen protector covers the entire front of the phone. It only has cutouts for the front-facing camera and sensors.

Included with this screen protector is an installation tray, wet/dry wipes, dust removal stickers, and the installation guide. It really doesn’t get any easier to apply a screen protector. All you have to do is lay the installation tray over the phone, line up the bottom of the screen protector, and start pressing it down on the display. It’s a method that amFilm guarantees will leave you with a bubble-free appearance.

Being that this is tempered glass-based, you shouldn’t be too afraid of what’ll happen if your Galaxy Note 8 hits the floor. The screen protector measures 0.3mm thick with 9H hardness but maintains complete touch sensitivity.

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IQ Shield LIQuidSkin

  • Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

IQ Shield always deserves a spot on any list involving screen protectors. Its products are cheap, but they’re very effective. The LIQuidSkin screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8 applies easily, allows you to continue using a protective case, and includes a lifetime warranty. You’re getting IQ Shield’s proprietary technology in a two-pack for less than $10.

This screen protector features Smart Film, a self-healing technology that lets the unit recover from minor scratches without you having to do anything. Will the LIQuidSkin stop your screen from cracking after a big drop? Probably not, but you’re not buying it for that type of situation. It’s a screen protector made for everyday items that can potentially scuff and scratch your Galaxy Note 8’s display.

Like most screen protectors, you’re getting wet-install application kit. IQ Shield throws in everything you need to get the screen protector on and remove bubbles before the bonding finishes.

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Ailun Tempered Glass

  • Price: $7, eligible for Prime shipping

Ailun’s Tempered Glass screen protector boasts a premium build yet you’re not paying a big price. It costs just $6.98 with free two-day shipping if you’re a Prime member on Amazon. Still, for such a small amount of money, you’re getting an installation tray as well as wet and dry wipes for seamless application. When it comes to actual durability, Ailun integrated a scratch-resistance material and 9H hardness to make sure your Galaxy Note 8 stays in prime shape.

A lifetime warranty isn’t included, but Ailun will have your back for twelve months following your purchase. So you can breathe easy if anything happens to this screen protector for the first year. It’s strong, though, and thus you’re probably going to be perfectly safe for months (and maybe even years) to come.

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