Phones are getting more expensive. Take a look at the the Galaxy Note 8. Unlike previous years, Samsung feels its latest flagship is worth almost $1,000. Aside from being expensive, the Galaxy Note 8 is made primarily of glass. So you have to treat this phone with care. But don’t put an ugly case on it. You have options, and you can get a case that protects your phone or keeps it stylish.

Here are some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Maxboost mSnap Case

  • Color(s): Black, Turquoise, Rose Gold
  • Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

Simple case, simple price. Maxboost’s mSnap case for the Galaxy Note 8 is plain yet respected. It doesn’t come in any flashy colors, and the case really doesn’t offer the most protection. You’re getting just enough to shield your phone at every angle. Drops might be problematic, but maybe you’re someone who always has a firm grip on your phone. The mSnap case will, however, be no match for anything wanting to scratch the the Galaxy Note 8’s glass.

If you handle your stuff with excellent care, this is the right case for you since it provides modest protection while keeping the Galaxy Note 8 slim and attractive.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Case

  • Color(s): Black, Navy, Pink, Purple
  • Price: $13, eligible for Prime shipping

When you spend a lot of money on something, you want to show the item off. The Unicorn Beetle case allows you to do that with your Galaxy Note 8. It’s a hybrid featuring both thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, but the back is clear to give a clear look at your phone. SUPCASE included a shock-absorbing bumper, textured button markers, and a clear anti-scratch back panel.

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OtterBox Defender Case

  • Color(s): Black, Big Sur, Nebula
  • Price: $60, eligible for Prime shipping

Sometimes you’re paranoid that your phone’s going to shatter into a million pieces upon hitting the floor. Depending on the drop’s size and the angle of the impact, that’s actually possible. Get OtterBox’s Defender case to help reduce any stress involving your Galaxy Note 8. And, although it’s made for complete protection, the Defender case isn’t ugly. OtterBox puts in the time to make sure its cases look as good as they protect.

The Defender case underwent more than a dozen tests for hundreds of hours before it hit the market. OtterBox wants to maintain brand loyalty, and the only way to do that is by meeting expectations. Anyone who uses an OtterBox-made case knows they’re phone is probably going to survive drops and knocks. Samsung used durable materials for the Galaxy Note 8, but you can never be too safe.

You’re getting a built-in screen protector from this case, too. So legitimately every part of your Galaxy Note 8 is covered.

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Spigen Tough Armor Case

  • Color(s): Gunmetal, Black, Deep Sea Blue, Maple Gold, Orchid Gray
  • Price: $16, eligible for Prime shipping

Spigen, one of the most popular case-making brands, sells a whole bunch of products for the Galaxy Note 8. The Tough Armor case gets a spot on our list because it’s not too expensive, comes in various colors, and packs acclaimed technology. All while being priced at less than $20.

Here you get a two-piece case. The thermoplastic polyurethane body holds your phone in place and absorbs any shock experienced during drops. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate shell protects from sharp objects. You also get to choose from five colors for that outer layer.

This case from Spigen offers more value than you expect because there’s a kickstand included. If you’re having lunch at work or flying on a plane, you can prop up your Galaxy Note 8 for an enjoyable video playback experience.

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Samsung LED Wallet Cover Case

  • Color(s): Black, Navy, Gold, Orchid Gray
  • Price: $60, eligible for Prime shipping

Samsung’s LED Wallet Cover case in on the expensive side; however, its advantages might be worth every penny to you. It allows the display on the Galaxy Note 8 to be interacted with and share valuable information without the need to flip the cover. Incoming calls, alarms, current time, and more can be shown through the case’s front. You can even leave your wallet behind because this case has a little slot on on the inside for some cash and cards.

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Caka Glitter Case

  • Color(s): Blue, Silver, Rose Gold
  • Price: $20, eligible for Prime shipping

Caka’s Glitter case could make you look like the most eccentric person around, but you should just let the haters do their hating. Deep down they’re jealous they don’t have a case filled with white mineral oil for glitter to slide around in. Don’t be fooled yourself, though. This case isn’t just for looks. Caka included 360-degree protection to stop drops and scratches from ruining your Galaxy Note 8.

Trying to strike a balance between protection and beauty? You found it. Get the Glitter case made by Caka. It’ll impress everyone around you with the way light bounces off the glitter as it moves through the clear back.

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HokoAcc Swivel Ring Case

  • Color(s): Black
  • Price: $11, eligible for Prime shipping

HokoAcc brings versatility to the Galaxy Note 8 through its Swivel Ring case. As its name suggests, there’s a swiveling ring built into the rear. When your phone is being held, the ring provides excellent grip. Put your finger through it and you’re guaranteed to not drop your Galaxy Note 8. Then, when you’re ready to watch some videos, you can position your phone perfectly with the built-in kickstand. It’s a two-for-one approach that’s very affordable.

This case doesn’t skimp on protection by the way. The Swivel Ring case boasts a four-layer design made of plastic and rubber to absorb shock from frightening drops.

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MNML Thin Case

  • Color(s): Clear White, Red, Clear Black, Coral Blue, Matte Black, Really Blue
  • Price: $15, eligible for Prime shipping

MNML’s Thin case isn’t for everyone. If you tend to drop your phone, continue shopping. This case is exclusively for people who never drop their phones and only need to protect against scratches and grime.

It’s merely 0.35mm thin, which is why you’re going to be really sad upon seeing your Galaxy Note 8 after a fall in the Thin case. Other things, like fingerprints and dirt, won’t show. And you could enhance the look of your Galaxy Note 8 with one of the six colors MNML offers.

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