Best Salad Spinners TechnoBuffalo 2022

A salad spinner can help you both wash and dry off your leafy greens, even for large servings, in just a few easy steps. Just toss the leaves into the spinner, fill it with water, and spin it to wash all of them at once. After you drain the water, you can spin them again to remove the excess water. Sounds easy, right? If you're ready to streamline your salad prep, then check out our picks for the best salad spinners to add to your kitchen.

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

Pumping action: OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

Staff Pick

Easy one-handed operation is possible thanks to a pumping mechanism that spins the bowl. When it's not in use, the pump locks down into the flat top of the bowl. This model comes in both clear and green variants, both of which are good-looking and may deserve a spot on your counter.

$30 at Amazon
MUELLER Large 5L Salad Spinner

Sturdy spinner: Mueller Large 5L Salad Spinner

No more worries about wobbling while spinning, or breaking the handle that spins your salad, the Mueller spinner is built to stay put and to last you a long time. It has a pull bar to spin and includes an easy stop button, so water doesn't fly everywhere when you open it. The bowl is over 5qt, meaning you can wash many servings at once.

$31 at Amazon
Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner

For lefties and righties: Cuisinart Salad Spinner

A bright green hand crank on the locking lid lets you control the direction of your salad spin, and the speed. This helps prevent the lettuce from getting stuck together and trapping water, making sure that your leaves are super clean and as dry as possible. Now you won't have to spin your veggies twice.

$18 at Amazon
OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner

Sensible size: OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner

Perfect for the single-serving or cleaning a handful of berries, it's small size means it won't take over your countertop or dish drainer. The size of the bowl and pump are also suitable for kids or people with smaller hands. Its simple design fits with any kitchen so that you could leave it on the countertop for easy access -- but it won't take much cabinet space if you need to store it.

$27 at Amazon
Westmark Germany Salad Spinner

Easy to clean: Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner

After you spin your lettuce, the pouring spout makes it easy to get rid of excess water without dripping down the side of the bowl. Additionally, the basket and lid come apart so you can thoroughly clean the entire unit. No more stuck bits of lettuce, making their way into your next fresh salad!

$20 at Amazon

Spinning away~

Salad spinners make short work of the washing process on all of your leafy greens. For most people, we think the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner is the top pick in our collection. Its single-hand operated mechanism makes it easiest to use. Plus, you can lock the spin pump, which makes the top flat and leaves space for other kitchen gadgets in your pantry.

If you're not making four or more servings of salad, then we recommend the OXO Good Grips Little Salad & Herb Spinner. It's the one you'll want to reach for when making a salad for one, or cleaning small bunches of herbs.

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