Best room dividers TechnoBuffalo 2022

Room dividers can add an instant sense of privacy to any room. They break up large, open social areas into smaller, more manageable, and cozy spaces. No matter your design taste, there are room divider options available to fit your needs. We've gathered a collection of the best ones to choose from.

Rhf Diamond Weave Room Divider

Woven wonder: RHF Extra Wide-Diamond Weave Room Divider

Staff Pick

Want to section off a large, open room? This Rose Home Fashion room divider comes in three wood finishes and can cover a lot of space to give you some privacy. There are three lengths available, all of which are six-feet tall with 19.5-inch panels. The beautifully woven panels offer more detail than most options.

From $90 at Amazon
Legacy Decor Room Divider Screen

Shoji style: Legacy Decor Room Divider Screen

This room divider works great as a privacy screen on an enclosed porch, or an area to change clothes. You can choose from black, cherry, espresso, natural, and white finishes and up to 10 panels. The wood is all pine and attached with two-way hinges, so you can configure it however you like.

From $67 at Amazon
Rhf Louvered Room Divider

Beachy keen: Rose Home Fashion Louvered Room Divider

Gain beachy or rustic style with this room divider's louvered panels blocking the view from prying eyes. They come in a variety of finishes and are made of real wood. The panels are 5.6-feet tall and the divider comes in four, six, and eight-panel options.

From $115 at Amazon
Legacy Decor Blossom Screen Room Divider

Flower power: Legacy Decor Blossom Screen Room Divider

Bring Japanese style to your room with this cherry blossom divider. Each panel is made of rice paper, and the painted frame comes in black to make the design pop or white for a more subtle look. The hinges and ability to lay flat make this option easy to store or move.

From $78 at Amazon
Cotton Craft Handcrafted Wood Room Divider

Elegant designs: Cotton Craft Handcrafted Wood Room Divider

What these stunning room dividers lack in privacy, they make up for in their design. The patterns are hand-carved with elegant flowers and other nature-inspired motifs. Each screen option is 72-inches by 80-inches and made of mango wood and medium-density fiberboard for durability.

$200 at Amazon

Decor with a purpose

Sometimes you just need your space. A room divider lets you carve out specific spaces in a room so they feel less overwhelming. Our favorite is the Rose Home Furniture Extra Wide-Diamond Weave Room Divider. The panels offer complete visual coverage of an area and come in a variety of colors. They're also a bit taller than some of our other options, standing six-feet tall. If you choose to go with more panels, it will still be easy to move thanks to the double hinges.

However, if privacy isn't as big of a concern and you're more focused on decor, then we encourage you to check out the Cotton Craft Handcrafted Wood Room Divider. They are completely unique from the other options due to their craftsmanship and intricate designs. One of the options even has small trinkets hanging on it for added flair.

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