Best Respirators TechnoBuffalo 2020

The modern world is full of pollutants that can seriously damage your lungs and entire body. Now you are nice and scared, don't worry! There are plenty of respirators out there to help your breath safely in harsh environments. We've dug through the chaff to find you the best respirators for your money and lungs.

Best for DIY: 3M Paint Project Respirator

Staff Pick

Not only is this our staff pick, but this is also the one I use. It's comfortable, secure, and can handle multiple different filters to maximize its usefulness. I use mine for DIY and spray painting 3D printed models, and it has never let me down.

$31 at Amazon

Best for fitness: BASE CAMP Dust Breathing Mask

When you are running and cycling out in the world, you need a mask like this. These are specifically designed to keep your lungs clear from the exhaust and other pollution while working out. These are made from a comfortable, flexible material that lets you wear them for hours so you can work out in comfort.

$24 at Amazon

For emergencies: 3M 8511 disposable Respirator

With wildfires, earthquakes, and other emergencies becoming more and more prevalent, it's a good idea to have some emergency respirators. Remember, standard masks and respirators are not the same, respirators are much better for you to keep handy in your emergency pack.

$24 at Amazon

Different designs: Fightech fitness mask

If you are going to wear a facemask when you are running or cycling, you may as well look as cool as possible while you do it. The Fightech mask has a lot of excellent designs, including digital camo, floral designs, and even an American flag.

$19 at Amazon

Full face protection: 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6800

Sometimes a small mask just won't cut it. When you are spraying a house or re-spraying a car, you need a full-face choice. The 3M full face is my personal favorite, and it can be used with different filters as required. Remember to pick up disposable screens, too, so that you can keep the respirator for a while.

$85 at Amazon

Multi-purpose: Safety Works SWX00320

The Safety Works respirator is exceptionally comfortable. The flexible plastic fits excellently around your nose, pushing your breath downward instead of up into your safety goggles. It also has multiple types of cartridges to use.

$37 at Amazon

Refill packs: 3M refill packs

3M has as many different filters as there are things that need filtering. Make sure you are changing out your filters regularly to keep yourself safe.

$17 at Amazon

Low profile: Miller ELECTRICML00895

If you are looking for the same protection as other respirators while trying to keep its footprint to a minimum, then check out this respirator from Miller Electrics. It's small, cool-looking, and most importantly, it works well.

$26 at Amazon

Take a deep breath

Respirators are always the last thing you think of when looking at personal protective gear, but it is as essential as safety goggles. With the 3M half-face respirator you can rest easy knowing you have the protection you need for any job you want to do. Just remember to pick up the right filters for the job you want to do, as paint filters won't filter out the same particulates as gas filters do.

If you are looking for something more to do with fitness, then a mask like the 3M isn't the right way to go. They will still work, but they won't look all that good while you do it. Using something like the Base Camp respirator is a much better idea. They look cool, and they are designed to filter out the pollutants you are likely to encounter while running or cycling near traffic.

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