Best Recycling B TechnoBuffalo 2021

The best recycling bin will make responsible waste disposal that much easier. Recycling paper, cardboard, metals, glass, and plastics is something we can all do daily to help save the planet. Having a robust recycling system in your home will ensure no waste slips through the cracks and ends up in a landfill. We have a selection of savvy recycling solutions that will help you do your part in the battle to save Earth.

Rubbermaid Deskside Recycler

Great for desks: Rubbermaid Deskside Recycler

Staff Pick

Available in blue or green, this Rubbermaid bin is a great all-arounder for general recycling use in the home or at work. It boasts seamless construction with a rounded, easy to clean design and is perfectly sized to fit under standard desk heights.

$13 at Amazon
Coghlans Pop Up Trash Can

Great for camping: Coghlan's Pop-Up Recycling Trash Can

This pop-up option is a great choice for camping and RV living. It's also handy to have if you're throwing a party or during the holidays when you might have more recycling than usual. It is made of 600 denier polyester and measures 19-by-24 inches.

$15 at Amazon
Rubbermaid Stackable Recycling Bin

Great for outdoors: Rubbermaid Commercial Stackable Recycling Bin

Ideal for outdoor use, this sturdy box is made from LLDPE, which boasts good resistance to dents, cracks, punctures, and UV rays. This box is stackable, has handles for easy lifting, and an 18-gallon capacity. It measures 14.75-by-16-by-25.75 inches.

$30 at Amazon
Whitmor Aluminum Handle Triple Recycle Sorter

Great for under the sink: Whitmor Aluminum Handle Triple Recycle Sorter

This slimline bag is ideal for fitting into cupboards, such as under the kitchen sink. It has three different compartments, so you can sort your recycling as necessary. The aluminum handle offers a sturdy way to transport your refuse.

$22 at Amazon
Anuant Waste Recycle Bin Main

Great for the garage: Anuant Recycling Waste Bin Bags Set

Larger households will benefit from a dedicated set of separate recycling containers. These polypropylene waste bags are ideal for use in the garage or similar spaces. They connect with Velcro and have handles for portability.

$23 at Amazon
Umbra Garbino Recycling Bin

Great for home offices: Umbra Garbino Recycling Bin

This stylish solution is great for spaces where you don't want industrial-style bins ruining the aesthetics, such as home offices and studies. It is elegantly shaped with a matt black finish and offers a practical nine-liter capacity.

$7 at Amazon
Brabantia Sort And Go Bins

Great for designer homes: Brabantia Sort & Go Waste Bins

Brabantia offers a range of Sort & Go bins in various colors that can be used standing on the floor or wall-mounted, with the included bracket and instructions. They offer a subtle and attractive alternative to the more utilitarian options out there.

From $21 at Amazon
Kangaroom Gus Recycle Bins

Great for trash cabinets: Kangaroom G.U.S. Recycle Bins

Sized at 11-by-11-by-18 inches, these bags are designed to be the perfect size for under counter and pull out trash cabinets. They are made of durable polypropylene and have sturdy, reinforced handles. These bags are also waterproof.

$15 at Amazon
Acrimet Wastebasket Bins For Recycling

Great for utility rooms: Acrimet Wastebasket Bins for Recycling

This four-bin set from Acriment is color-coded to make it easy to separate your recycling. They are made from easy to clean plastic and can be stacked when not in use. Each bin has a 27-quart capacity, so they are ideal for family households.

$35 at Amazon

It's easy to be green

Our overall staff pick, the Rubbermaid Deskside Recycler, is a classic green recycling container that is ideal for under-desk use for paper waste but can have multipurpose uses too.

If you're looking for a more elegant solution, then consider buying into Brabantia Sort & Go Waste Bins system. This is a range of bins in attractive muted colors that offer a stylish alternative to traditional solutions.

Anyone who has space and wants to set up a whole recycling system should look at the Anuant Recycling Waste Bin Bags Set. These bags are ideal for use in the garage or utility room, giving you lots of storage space for your recycling waste.

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