Best PS5 games TechnoBuffalo 2021

The PlayStation 5 has finally arrived, and you know what that means: new games. A new generation of consoles means upgrades in processing, graphics, and more, culminating in the games that will become your new favorites. We've collected the launch games we're most excited about for you right here. These options run from action to shooters, so hopefully, your new favorite is waiting for you here!


Best overall: Godfall

A new generation of consoles also means the launch of new games in new worlds. Godfall is a new looter-slasher game set in a high-fantasy world. You play as one of the last Valorian knights, tasked with saving the land of Aperion before it is destroyed in an apocalypse. It features five different weapon classes, 12 different armor types to collect, and online co-op modes to check out!

$70 at Amazon
Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Best value: Marvel's spider-man: miles morales

Spider-Man was one of the best games that hit the PS4, and now it's back with a whole new adventure starring Miles Morales. His storyline picks up after the end of the original game and features our new hero fight to protect Harlem after war breaks out. He'll have to measure being a hero against being just Miles and discover what it means to become Spider-Man along the way. You get a whole new story, along with a new hero that has his own sets of abilities to discover and master.

$50 at Amazon
Watch Dogs: Legion

Best open world: Watch dogs: legion

Sometimes you want a big world to explore, and while the PS5 is brand new, it already has an excellent open-world game for you to indulge in. Watch Dogs: Legion takes you across the pond to a post-Brexit London where things are more dystopic than ever. You'll help DedSec deal with the surveillance state, and as you do, you can play as any NPC you run across. Different characters have unique abilities and skillsets, there is a co-op mode for playing with friends, and all of London is waiting for you to explore and liberate!

$60 at Amazon
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best shooter: Call of duty: black ops cold war

First-person shooters are easily one of the most popular genres of games, and the PS5 is launching with the newest entry in the Call of Duty franchise. The latest entry features a story mode set during the Cold War, where President Regan sends out a team to take down a Soviet spy. Like the other entries, there is a campaign, online modes, and zombie mode is returning. It also boasts a new slew of cold war weapons and returning characters from previous games in the Black Ops series.

$70 at Amazon

Bottom line

PlayStation 5 has arrived, bringing a catalog of next-gen games waiting for you to install and play. While there aren't many new games out yet, there are some excellent options to get started with. Our favorite is Godfall, a looter-slasher set in a new fantastical world. It's your job to save the world before it's destroyed, and with co-op modes you don't have to do it alone!

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