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Good coffee turns into great coffee when you choose the right pour-over coffee kettle. Nothing beats the stovetop-friendly Hario V60 Buono. The spout on this kettle has just the right bend for slow pours that extract every last bit of flavor from beans. We've tested them all, and here are our recommendations.

Best overall: Hario V60 buono

Hario has a well-deserved reputation for crafting elegant yet straightforward coffee hardware. The Hario V60 Buono lives up to their high standards. The beehive-shaped kettle is constructed of stainless steel that never rusts or shows its age. If you're into countertop appeal, this is crazy gorgeous!

The plastic handle on the V60 juts out away from the body and never gets hot to the touch since it doesn't ever sit directly over a burner. The spout is slender and long, giving you absolute control over pouring.

This Hario model is hard to clean, but that comes with the territory when you invest in a gooseneck kettle. Hard water can be a problem that's prevented with regular vinegar solution cleanings before buildup occurs. The V60 can heat on most stoves, but it is a little slow to make it to a boil. If you're serious about coffee, this is a classy gooseneck kettle that will last a long time.


  • Well-made
  • Beautiful
  • Offers controlled pouring
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Perfect spout


  • Slow to boil
  • Hard to clean

Best overall

Hario V60 buono

A basic, classy kettle

A beautiful kettle with an ergonomic handle. Get precise, slow pouring and a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Best value: Chefbar kettle

Most tea and coffee kettles have welded handles that eventually weaken and separate from the body, bringing an end to the life of the pot. Chefbar has a heavyweight riveted handle attachment that won't break or tear away from the kettle. The handle itself is ergonomic, perfectly formed to fit in your hand, and comfortable to hold. Since the handle points away from the body, it never absorbs warmth from your heat source. Love it!

The brushed stainless steel exterior on this pot is eye-catching! Hard water stains wipe away without trouble from the outside. The gooseneck spout is angled away from the body but has less of a bend than other kettles. This does make it easier to clean, but when the kettle is near full, it also causes hot water to drip from the spout and run down the gooseneck and exterior of the pot. That's something we'd like to see Chefbar address.

The spout nozzle is slender and gives an even flow of water is optimal for pour-over coffee and loose-leaf black tea. The water heats quickly, thanks to the kettle's broad base, and it works on most stovetops. This is an affordable kettle with a thoughtful design that pour-over coffee fans will appreciate.


  • Large, slip-resistant grip
  • Riveted handle
  • Heats quickly
  • Never boils over


  • Water sometimes dribbles out the spout while heating

Best value

Chefbar kettle

A good investment

Brushed stainless steel, a riveted handle, and a broad base that allows water to boil quickly equal a great kettle and money well spent.

Best for all stovetops: Coffee gator

Coffee Gator's pour-over kettles came into being after one of the owners traveled to Columbia and had a proper cup of pour-over coffee. Ever since, he's been trying to recreate the experience by designing tools he couldn't find on the market. The Coffee Gator kettle is the end result of much experimentation and refining. And it's awesome.

Shiny premium-grade stainless steel makes up the body. Unique to Coffee Gator's model is a temperature gauge at the top of the lid. The gauge displays the ideal settings for pour-over coffee and is also fantastic for teas that require precise brewing temperatures. My only gripe is that the temperature gauge sometimes collects condensation during heating. You can still read it, but it's a touch more challenging.

The handle on the Coffee Gator is tipped away from the body and never gets hot. This pot can also be used on any stove, including gas, camp stoves, and even induction. A big plus! The gooseneck is shaped just right, allowing for a slow pour that's easy to manage. If you're finicky about temperature and want to make the perfect cup of pour-over coffee, you'll be thrilled with this offering from Coffee Gator.


  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Slow, steady water flow
  • Handle stays cool to the touch
  • Works on any stove
  • Heats quickly


  • Condensation may get trapped in the thermometer

Best for all stovetops

Coffee gator

The right temperature makes all the difference

With a temperature gauge on the lid, even beginners can make perfect pour-over coffee and loose leaf tea. Bonus: this one works with all stove types.

Best technical: Fellow stagg EKG+ bluetooth

High tech comes to the coffee world with the Fellow Stagg EKG+ Bluetooth. This is an electric kettle that sits atop your counter. It's a smart investment for those with induction stoves that aren't always compatible with stainless steel pots. Bluetooth connectivity lets you fire up the kettle from any room in the house, get real-time temperature updates, and also change brewing temperatures. Genius!

Temperatures are dead-on accurate. EKG's PID controller maintains a perfect temperature for up to 60-minutes after your ideal temp is reached. There's also a built-in stopwatch so you can time your brew, ensuring you get the best possible cup of coffee or tea. The kettle is polished stainless steel inside and has no plastic parts whatsoever, so there's nothing to get in the way the flavor of your beans.

I have one caveat to report: if you place the empty kettle on the base, it will try to heat up non-existent water. The microcontroller in the base will eventually realize the kettle is empty, but not before it scalds the bottom of the pot. With all the smart technology in this kettle, this is something that shouldn't happen. If you're mindful about water levels, this is a futuristic-looking kettle that pours smooth, heats quickly, and is fun to use.


  • Electric kettle
  • Heats so fast
  • Bluetooth-connected
  • Variable temperature control
  • Holds temp for up to one hour


  • Attempts to heat empty kettle
  • Expensive

Best technical

Fellow stagg EKG+ bluetooth

A smart kettle that looks sharp

What's not to love about a kettle that pours smoothly, has variable temperature control, and can be turned on and off from an app?

Best presets: Willow & everett

The stainless steel gooseneck from Willow & Everett is a satisfying balance of affordability and functionality. The first-ever gooseneck with presets, this electric kettle has five preset temperatures that fill the needs of all coffee and tea lovers. Instead of buttons that must be pressed, these are touch-sensitive, so a few taps get you up and running.

The gooseneck is angled nicely, allowing for a consistent and controllable pour with no spilling. The pot heats quickly and accurately, and a "keep warm" function holds water temperature steady so you can enjoy more than one cup at a time.

If there's anything to complain about, it's the lid. While well-sealed and indestructible, it tends to slip off the kettle when emptying out the final pour. This is solved by holding the cover down when pouring, which is recommended, but also worth mentioning. This kettle is still one of my favorites for tea and coffee. The presets are easy to use, the buttons are touch-sensitive, and the pour is slow and easy.


  • Temperature control presets
  • Electric countertop kettle
  • Smooth pouring
  • Wonderful for tea or coffee


  • The lid slips off when pouring last bit of water out

Best presets

Willow & everett

The kettle that's perfect for tea or coffee

Five preset temp settings are great for coffee or tea. This electric countertop model heats quickly, pours fluidly, and is a heckuva bargain..

Best spout: Bean envy gooseneck

The spout is the essential feature of a gooseneck kettle, and Bean Envy gets it right. This perfectly shaped spout is slender with a high curve that gives the most precise pour of any pot we tested. Even if the water is overheated, the spout doesn't leak a drop, thanks to its high arch and slanted mouth.

The temperature gauge on the glass Borosilicate glass top is a thing of beauty. It works as advertised, and is helpful when brewing tea or making pour-over coffee. The handle on the side of the pot is ergonomically shaped and angled away from the body. Proper angling means the handle never gets too hot to handle. The bottom of the kettle is lined with triple stainless steel that never stains, warps, or rusts.

The only improvements I'd like to see are with the lid thermometer. Like other models of this style, it tends to collect condensation, making it difficult to read. If you can live with the possibility of that happening, this is a reliable kettle that feels good in the hand and is excellent for pour-over coffee or loose leaf tea.


  • Perfectly bent spout
  • Temperature gauge on the lid
  • Heats quickly
  • Comfortable, angled handle


  • Thermometer collects condensation

Best spout

Bean envy gooseneck

It's all in the spout

The perfectly angled spout makes this a pleasure to use. Pours are smooth and controllable. Toss in a built-in thermometer, and this is a winner.

Bottom line

Making coffee can be as straightforward or as complicated as you'd like to make it. Traditional drip coffeemakers take care of most of the work for you but leave a lot to be desired in the taste department. If you want to experience the deep, rich flavors of your coffee beans, a gooseneck coffee kettle is a must.

My favorite gooseneck is the Hario V60 Buono. The pot work on most types of stovetops. It does take a little longer to reach a rolling boil, but you're making slow drip coffee, so I'll assume you're not in a hurry. The slender, perfectly curved spout gives you a dreamy slow pour and lots of control over where you dribble the water. The handle is comfortable to hold and never gets warm to the touch.

This kettle is tough to clean. If you have hard water, you'll want to opt for preventative descaling rather than waiting too long. An occasional vinegar flush or two will do the trick. If what you want is a classic-looking gooseneck that heats water and gives you all the benefits of a gooseneck kettle, this model from Hario is a natural choice.

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