Best potato peelers TechnoBuffalo 2021

A perfectly peeled potato takes a perfect peeler. Whether you want a smooth glide, to julienne, or simply would rather the peeler to do all the work, there are many potato peeler options out there. Now that the peeling is done- slice, dice, or mash and have the perfect dinner side.

OXO Swivel Peeler

Flexible swivel: OXO good grips swivel peeler

Our Pick

With swiveling twin blades, this potato peeler has a non-slip grip and a comfortable handle. This peeler is not only perfect for potatoes but can also peel tough-skinned fruits and vegetables. It also has a built-in potato eye remover.

$10 at Amazon
Spring Chef Swivel Peeler

Smooth and effortless: Spring chef premium swivel peeler

A lightweight, efficient ergonomic design makes this peeler easy on the wrists and hands. Featuring dual stainless steel blades, you will get a precise, smooth peel. This peeler won't clog with peels and has a built-in blemish remover.

$9 at Amazon
Spiralizer Peeler Corer

Peel, slice, core: Spiralizer apple/potato peeler corer

Take the stress out of peeling and slicing with this peeler and corer. This unique design does all the work while you only turn the handle. It has a strong suction base and adjustable peeling blades. Get cranking, this peeler and corer is easy peasy!

$26 at Amazon
OXO Y Peeler

Y not?: OXO good grips y peeler

With a wider, Y shape, this peeler has blades that work seamlessly with almost any shape fruit or vegetable. It has a comfortable, non-slip handle and sharp stainless steel blades. Also featuring a built-in potato eyer, this peel will surely get the job done.

$10 at Amazon
Kuhn Rikon Serrated Peeler

Peel with a bite: Kuhn rikon serrated piranha swivel peeler

This peeler has a serrated, stainless steel blade that bites into fuzzy skins, like a peach, and most other skins, then peels it off in thin strips. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use, and it's dishwasher safe.

$8 at Amazon
OXO 3-Piece Peeler set

All three: OXO 3-piece peeler set

This set features a swivel peeler, a serrated peeler, and a julienne peeler. They all have stainless steel blades and will be everything you need, whether you have potatoes, waxy fruits, or slippery vegetables. Each tool has a comfortable, non-slip handle and will tackle any job you give it.

$15 at Amazon

Peel away

Mashed potatoes, au gratin, roasted, or seasoned- there are so many ways to cook your potatoes. But, first things first, you have to peel the skin off them. Peeling potatoes takes some arm work, so you want a peeler with a comfortable grip handle. The OXO Good Grips Swivel peeler not only has a comfortable, non-slip grip but is has twin swiveling blades.

A julienne peeler is also a handy tool if you like making fries or scalloped potatoes. The Precision Kitchenware Dual Julienne & Peeler does both with its ultra-sharp steel blades. It even comes with some secret recipes!

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