Best Popcorn for Movie Night TechnoBuffalo 2021

We love movie night. Finally agreeing on a film everyone wants to watch, getting into our cozy outfits, plumping up the couch cushions, turning the lights off, putting our feet up, and pressing play. Bliss. The only thing that can make that scenario any better is a big bowl of good, old-fashioned popcorn. Whether you're on "Team Sweet" or "Team Savory", prefer freshly cooked or pre-made, we've got a tasty option to suit your next screening.

Buttery: Pop Secret Microwave Bags of Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

Staff Pick

Promising that movie theater-style melt-in-the-mouth buttery flavor we all love, Pop Secret's kernels are jumbo-sized so that you can enjoy a right old munch. This value pack gives you 28 delicious bags, each weighing in at 3.2 ounces.

$12 at Amazon

Classic: Orville Redenbacher's Original Yellow Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Keep things simple with Orville Redenbacher's Original Yellow Popcorn Kernels to make classic, wholesome popcorn on your stovetop, or in a popcorn maker. This is an eight-pound tub, so it should see you through a fair few movies.

$12 at Amazon

Sea salt: Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Fresh-Pop Bowls

Whole grain, and with no nasties added, Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt popcorn is perfect for anyone who loves a more saline option. This box gives you four "Fresh-Pop" bowls that you nuke, then use to serve the corn.

$31 at Amazon

Caramel: G.H. Cretors Just the Caramel Corn Popcorn

If you want to get really indulgent with your movie popcorn, G.H. Cretors' "Just the Caramel" corn is handcrafted in old-fashioned copper kettles one batch at a time, to make for a crunchy caramel treat that will get stuck in your teeth.

$12 at Amazon

The easy life: Great Northern Popcorn Premium Portion Packs

If you like cooking your popcorn fresh, but want a no-hassle solution, these portion packs from Great Northern Popcorn are fab as they contain a perfectly-sized serving, as well as the correct quantities of oil and butter-flavored salt.

$24 at Amazon

Old school: Jiffy Pop Butter Popcorn

What better match for a vintage movie than a stovetop Jiffy Pop pack? Promising to be "as much to make as it is to eat," these classic pop-up baskets make the popcorn making as much a part of the movie-watching experience as the film itself.

$10 at Amazon

Sweet and salty: Jolly Time KettleMania Sweet and Salty Gourmet Microwave Kettle Corn

A divisive issue, but if you're the type that does like their corn "kinda sweet, kinda salty," then Jolly Time has you covered for both. This pack has four boxes, each box contains three regular-size (three-ounce) single bags.

$28 at Amazon

Chocolate: Popcorn Indiana Black & White Drizzlecorn

This is another indulgent option, but this time with the cheeky addition of chocolate. This "Drizzlecorn" is generously draped in dark and white chocolate for an experience that takes popcorn eating to the next level.

$17 at Amazon

Gourmet: Popcornopolis Gift Cone Snack Packs

If you're having friends over that aren't the shove-a-bucket-of-basic-popcorn-in-your-face types, a) why? and b) look at these. Three fancy mini cones of zebra popcorn, caramel corn, cheddar cheese popcorn, and kettle corn. Very sophisticated.

$19 at Amazon

Healthy: Smartfood Smart50 White Cheddar Popcorn

Basic popcorn is already a pretty healthy snack, but Smartfood has managed to add a white cheddar element to its popcorn and keep the calories below 50 per cup. Described as "a cheesy snack dream come true," welcome to guilt-free scoffing.

$17 at Amazon

Cool stripes: Popcornopolis Zebra Popcorn Cone Snack Packs

Finally, one for the kids, these snack packs are one of Popconoplis' best-selling products. They offer up fun "Zebra" popcorn, luxuriously striped in white and dark confectioner's chocolate. This is for six mini cones, each containing an 11-ounce serving.

$46 at Amazon

So corny

There is nothing not to love about popcorn and eating it during a movie-watching session at home to emulate that movie theater experience is to be thoroughly recommended. If you are looking for that familiar buttery, golden experience, then consider our overall staff pick, the Pop Secret Microwave Bags of Movie Theater Butter Popcorn.

If you want to look back to your own childhood or give your kids some serious retro vibes, a Jiffy Pop Butter Popcorn basket could become part of your household's movie night ritual — and after all, it is "the family fun treat."

Finally, anyone with a sweet tooth is well catered for in the popcorn marketplace. Caramel popcorn is another classic. There are some nasty budget versions out there though — treat yourself to a posh product like the G.H. Cretors Just the Caramel Corn Popcorn, As we stated, yes it will stick to your teeth, but as it tastes so good you won't mind so much.

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