Best Plus Size Dresses TechnoBuffalo 2020

Finding a dress that fits you and makes you feel like a queen isn't always as easy as it sounds. It's even more difficult if you are plus-sized since many designers don't have you in mind. That has started to change, though, and there are some beautiful dresses made with plus-sized women in mind. These are our favorites.

Best Overall: Nemidor Women's V-Neckline Stretchy Casual Midi

Staff Pick

Every woman should have a cute little black dress. The Women's V-Neckline Stretchy Casual Midi from Nemidor delivers a lovely flowy option that's great for any season and fits in anywhere from the office to a wedding. If black isn't your color, you can pick it up in sixteen other colors. This dress is available in sizes from 14W to 26W.

$30 at Amazon

Best Maxi Dress: Milumia Empire Waist Maxi Dress

Staying cool during the warmer months of the year is often a hassle, but with the right dress, it's doable. The Milumia Empire Waist Maxi Dress makes it a bit easier with a breezy asymmetrical style that shows you off in all the right ways. There are 29 different colors and patterns to choose from, along with sizes that run from 0x Plus to 4X Plus.

From $21 at Amazon

Best Cocktail Dress: Chicwe Lined Floral Lace Dress

Finding the perfect dress to wear to weddings or formal occasions isn't easy for anyone. Still, it's much more difficult when you have a relative dearth of options to choose from. Chicwe's Lined Floral Lace Dress gives off a classy look that will make you love the way you look without breaking the bank in the process. It comes in sizes from 1x Plus to 4x Plus and is available in five colors.

$39 at Amazon

Best Scoop Neck: Nemidor Women's Scooped Neckline Floral lace Dress

Cocktail dresses require a particular style that can be difficult to find when you're on a timeline. Nemidor's Scooped Neckline Floral Lace Dress offers up an attractive option that will fit in no matter what the event. It comes in six gorgeous colors and is available in sizes from 14W to 26W.

From $33 at Amazon

Best Evening Dress: GRAPENT Women's Sequin 3/4 Sleeves Evening Gown

Whether you have a romantic night out or an event that requires dressing up, having an evening dress that you feel beautiful in is crucial. Grapent's Sequined 3/4 Sleeves Evening Gown looks super classy while still being comfortable enough to wear all night long. It's got a solid top with a skirt that features a sequined design and comes in two color options. You can pick this dress up in sizes 14 Plus to 26 Plus.

From $36 at Amazon

Best Summer Dress: Nemidor Women's Chevron Print Summer Short Sleeve

Dresses are a super comfortable option when you're out and about during any time of year. This Chevron Print Summer Dress from Nemidor will ensure you stay as cool as possible while looking cute along the way. Since it's also a long dress, you can easily pair it with a cardigan to wear during the rest of the year too. It's available in eighteen different colors and patterns and comes in sizes from 14W to 26W.

From $28 at Amazon

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Whether you want a dress that you can wear while at work or something a bit classier for a night out on the town, there are tons of excellent options out there. No matter what the occasion, our favorite dress right now is Nemidor Women's V-Neckline Stretchy Casual Midi. It's a classic style that's super cute no matter where you go and comes in a great variety of colors so you can pick up several!

If you're in the market for a dress to wear out on vacation or when it warms up outside then take a look at the Milumia Empire Waist Maxi Dress. It's super flowy to keep you cool even on hot days and comes in a whopping 29 different color and pattern options.

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