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If your own childhood memories are filled with whimsical pretend games that took place in the perfect playhouse, then you will want to give that same fantastical experience to your own children. Even if you don't have a backyard, there are small indoor solutions as well as outdoor solutions on this list, so have a look and see how you can stimulate some healthy pretend play for your favorite littles.

Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn Playhouse

Old fashioned: Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn Playhouse

Staff Pick

Backyard Discovery is known for adorable wooden playhouse designs. This one is made to look like an old-fashioned Victorian Inn. The playhouse comes with the most complete built-in kitchen we've seen, including a telephone, plastic knife, cutting board, faucet, mounted sink, burner, as well as pretend fruit and vegetables.

Teepee Tent

Best indoor Teepee: Lucky Limedrop Teepee Tent

No backyard? No problem! This delightful indoor teepee provides all the same pretend potential as a playhouse, along with a few extras. The set comes with an adorable fabric campfire for making pretend s'mores, and it includes a set of fairy lights that can be strung up inside to lend magical lighting to nighttime play.

$90 at Amazon
Backyard Discovery Swingset

Bigger is better: Backyard Discovery Woodridge Elite Playhouse Swing Set

Now, if you do have plenty of outdoor space and the budget, then this may be the playhouse for you. The elevated height, along with stairs, swings, a sandbox, and a slide, gives it a distinct treehouse feel. Children will feel as if they've entered a world all their own in this full-sized wooden playhouse and swingset.

Donco Kids Low Loft Bed

Best bedtime playhouse: DONCO KIDS Tree House Bed

Now here's a novel idea! Turn bedtime into a magical experience. This Tree House Bed from Donco Kids looks and feels like a treehouse, but it's actually a twin bed with lots of storage/play space underneath. Climb up the ladder to sleep and use the enclosed space underneath for playtime!

Fantasy Fort Indoor Playhouse

Fort style: Fantasy Fort Indoor Playhouse

Here's another solution for an indoor playhouse. Bring back the fun of fort-building with this customizable fort set. Kids can use the lightweight faux wood panels to create any number of fort designs or just set up a permanent playhouse in your living room.

$68 at Amazon
Step2 Seaside Villa Playhouse

Best budget buy: Step2 Seaside Villa Playhouse

If you're playing on a budget, check out this cute little house from Step2. Like many other playhouses, this one comes with a functioning door, mail slot, and a built-in kitchen, but at a very attractive price point. Although it's a little smaller than some wooden playhouses, it's the perfect size for toddlers.

It's Playtime!

Ready for some fun? Your imaginative little ones will be thrilled with any playhouse on this list, although your space and budget will definitely affect the choice you make. Our favorite is the Victorian Inn Playhouse for its simple design, sturdy wood build, and the practical attached picnic table. This one is not as large as some of the others, so it might also serve well in a small backyard or patio.

If space and budget are not an issue, on the other hand, go for the big, beautiful Woodridge Elite Playhouse Swing Set with its treehouse feel and extra storage space for toys. Those without much extra space would probably prefer an indoor playhouse, like the Fantasy Fort. Regardless of your choice, the ways your children can interact with these playhouses will only be limited by their boundless imaginations.

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