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An attractive plant stand can help showcase your precious plants. Rather than tuck them away on bookshelves or leave them languishing in a corner, make your plants a more central part of your home decor with the perfect stand to sit them on. We've hand-picked some great options from wicker wonders to mid-century-styled marvels.

Mkono Plant Stand

Vintage vibes: Mkono mid-century wooden flowerpot holder

This minimalist design will let your plant be the star of the show, and its open design means that you can also show off any attractive plant pots you have. Made from natural handcrafted beech wood, it measures 14 inches in height and is best suited to plant pots with a diameter of around 10 inches.

From $22 at Amazon
4 Tier Plant Stand

Level up: Isino pine wood plant stand

If you have a larger space to play around with, consider this attractive wooden unit that offers shelving for multiple plants. It's made of pinewood and has been treated to make it water-resistant and durable. With four levels and seven partitions, you could experiment with the plants positioning to create a beautiful greenery display.

$37 at Amazon
RHF Plant Ladder

Step it up: RHF foldable ladder shelf

Measuring in at 45 inches tall, this impressive four-tier ladder shelf could be the basis of an eye-catching plant display. Boasting a hinged, foldable design, this is made of solid pine wood with a distressed, aged finish.

$54 at Amazon
Newport Plant Stand

Concrete chic: Convenience Concepts Newport deluxe plant stand

We're going industrial chic with this next choice. Perfect for loft-style apartments and modern homes, the faux cement finish on the shelves and black legs give this a stark look that will contrast well with your plants.

$41 at Amazon
Tosnail Plant Stand

Terrific trio: Tosnail three metal potted plant stands

Another metal option, this trio of plant stands gives you one black one, a white one and brown version with scroll details on the top of the stands. Each stand measures nine inches in diameter and five inches tall.

$16 at Amazon
Thorne & Co Plant Stand

Steely stand: Thorne & Co black metal plant stand

Modern and minimalist, this sturdy stand is made of galvanised steel with and a matte black powder coat for additional rust resistance if you wanted to use it outdoors. Complete with floor protectors, this comes in three sizes — seven, 11 and 15 inches.

From $24 at Amazon
Mkono Stand

Beechy keen: Mkono wooden mid-century flowerpot holder

Made from natural handcrafted beech wood, this is another mid-century-inspired design that would look stunning in the right setting. It comes flat-packed for easy shipping and measures six inches tall with a diameter of 12 inches.

$19 at Amazon
Kate And Laurel Finn Tri Level Metal Plant Stand Render

Precious metal: Kate and Laurel Finn tri-level metal plant stand

Available in black, silver and a rather dramatic gold finish, this is a statement piece even without any plants enhancing its looks. The trays are 10 inches in diameter, while the stands range from 30 inches tall to 18.

$107 at Amazon
Magshion Plant Stand

Tall boy: Magshion bamboo two-tier tall plant stand

This elegant option would look great in a hallway or on a landing. With space for two plants, it measures 23.6 inches tall and is made from polished natural bamboo which is treated to be waterproof.

$33 at Amazon
Songmics Stand

Big job: Songmics bamboo customizable plant stand

Perfect for a more massive plant collection, this bamboo shelving can be configured in a way that suits your space. Set up as in the image, you get nine shelves at different levels to help you create an impressive plant display.

$58 at Amazon

Stand off

If money were no object, we'd also go for the Kate and Laurel Finn tri-level metal plant stand in gold. It's a stunning piece that will add a touch of luxury to any room you put in it.

Another option that comes recommended is the RHF foldable ladder shelf. With multiple shelves for lots of greenery, it's an attractive option that doesn't take up too much space, but makes for an arresting foliage display.

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