Best Pixel 3a XL Screen Protectors TechnoBuffalo 2020

Google has added a new large phone to its portfolio with the 6-inch Pixel 3a XL. Having such a large screen is great for watching content on the go or interacting with the new AR features, but having a larger display also means there's more glass to break. Keep your Pixel 3a XL's display protected with our guide to the best screen protectors.

Quad protection: Sparin Screen Protector

Staff pick

Put Sparin's screen protector on your Pixel 3a XL and it'll be protected by a laser-cut design for a precise fit. You'll never have to worry about accidental scratches from your keys again with its tough exterior. Sparin also gives you four screen protectors for the price of one, making this a great option for the Pixel 3a XL's large display.

$9 at Amazon

Tempered shield: UniqueMe Screen Protector

This 3-pack from UniqueMe contains protectors that are tough and resistant to scratches. In addition, the UniqueMe offers 99% transparency and an oleophobic coating to repel unsightly fingerprint smudges.

$10 at Amazon

Goodbye fingerprints: IVSO Screen Protector

The IVSO offers a bubble-free design that will keep your Pixel 3a XL protected, thanks to its precise fit. In addition, the IVSO offers both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection plus HD clarity, so the content you watch isn't obscured.

$8 at Amazon

Ultimate protection: MP-Mall Screen Protector

MP-Mall's screen protector will battle against all types of hazards, including drops, scratches, and scrapes. With toughness, 99% transparency, and a precise laser-cut design, the MP-Mall screen protector will keep your Pixel 3a XL safe and clean.

$8 at Amazon

3-for-1: Pulen Screen Protector

Go with Pulen and you get three screen protectors for the price of one. Each screen protector is easy to install and has 99% light transmittance, so little is reflected. They also come with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to protect against water and oil residue.

$8 at Amazon

Easy installation: TopACE Screen Protector

TopACE's screen protector is tough where it counts, but it's also easy to install, thanks to its special design, ensuring that there are no ugly air bubbles or misalignments. It's a small touch that makes the TopACE such a good option.

$8 at Amazon

Large screen, large protection

To keep the Pixel 3a XL's large display safe from harm, you need a large screen protector. The collection of Pixel 3a XL screen protectors above will get the job done, ensuring that no scratches interfere with the content on the display.

The Sparin screen protector is our top pick because it's tough and offers easy installation. You can also choose to get a 4-pack, too, so you'll have plenty of back-ups should anything happen.

We're also fans of the UniqueMe screen protector. The tempered glass screen protector features 9H hardness, scratch resistance, and a laser-cut design, so it'll fit snugly on the Pixel 3a XL for ultimate protection.

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