Best Pixel 3a Screen Protectors TechnoBuffalo 2021

There's a new Pixel device in town, and it's Google's most affordable smartphone yet. The Pixel 3a features mid-range specs but a high-end camera, making the device an interesting proposition against expensive flagships. Before you take the Pixel 3a on your next photoshoot, make sure to install a screen protector on the device to keep the display pristine for months to come.

Triple threat: LK 3 Pack Screen Protector

Staff pick

LK's tempered glass screen protectors are backed by a lifetime warranty and will protect the Pixel 3a from scratches, high-impact drops, and even fingerprints, thanks to its oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating. You'll protect the Pixel 3a's display while keeping it squeaky clean.

$9 at Amazon

Anti-fingerprint smudges: UniqueMe 3 Pack Screen Protector

With tempered glass, 99% transparency, and a precise cutout, the UniqueMe screen protector provides plenty of protection for the Pixel 3a. It features an anti-scratch design and an oleophobic coating to combat against unsightly fingerprint smudges.

$8 at Amazon

Extra strength: IVSO Screen Protector

The IVSO tempered glass screen protector for the Pixel 3a features a precise fit, easy installation, and excellent transparency, so it looks like there's nothing there. In addition, the IVSO offers super strength, with the ability to withstand 800G of force without cracking.

$8 at Amazon

Hold the bubbles: TopACE Screen Protector

At just 0.3mm thin, you'll hardly notice the TopACE tempered glass screen protector for the Pixel 3a is even there. It's tough for increased protection, high transparency, and a precise fit, which fights against air bubbles upon installation.

$10 at Amazon

Laser precision: Pulen 2 Pack Screen Protector

Featuring a laser-cut design, the Pulen tempered glass screen protectors are as precise as they come. With the Pulen, you get all the fixings: scratch resistance, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, and 99% transparency. It also features a black coating over the bezels for greater integration with the Pixel 3a's design.

$9 at Amazon

Quad protection: Sparin 4 Pack Screen Protector

The Sparin tempered glass screen protector feature scratch resistance, simple installation, 99% transparency, and a laser-cut design. It's also case friendly while providing maximum protection for the Pixel 3a's display. If something goes awry, you get four screen protectors for the price of one.

$9 at Amazon

Put on a screen protector

While you're taking pictures with the new Pixel 3a, you don't want to worry about the display getting scratched. That's why a screen protector is so crucial. You can install one and have peace of mind knowing your device is secure.

Our top pick is the LK tempered glass screen protector, because it's back by a lifetime warranty and features an anti-fingerprint design. You also get three screen protectors for the price of one.

We also like the Pixel 3a screen protectors by Sparin. Not only do you get the toughness, HD clarity, and easy installation, but you get four screen protector for the price of one, making Sparin's bundle a great value.

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