Best Screen Protectors for the Google Pixel 3 XL TechnoBuffalo 2022

The Pixel 3 XL has one of the nicer displays on any smartphone with a high resolution 6.3-inch OLED panel. Beyond that, it also has arguably the best selfie camera system out of any smartphone. With that in the balance, you should get a screen protector. There's too much going on in the display not to keep it protected. Here are our picks for the best screen protectors for the Pixel 3 XL.

Note: These screen protectors will not work with the Pixel 3a XL.

The best display protection: amFilm Glass Screen Protector

Staff Favorite

The best screen protector you can buy for the Pixel 3 XL is the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector. amFilm is an authority with screen protectors, designing them with a super thin profile at just 0.33mm thick and unmatched durability. You'll hardly notice it's there thanks to almost complete transparency. Plus, you'll get three screen protectors should you suffer an unfortunate accident or mess up the installation.

$9 at Amazon

No fingerprints allowed: LK Glass Screen Protector

Want to keep your display looking fresh at all times? The LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector is one of the best options for that job. It was created with an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating that eliminates nasty smudges. It's also laser cut for a precise fit that makes room for all of the Pixel 3 XL display's quirky designs, including the notch and the selfie camera.

$12 at Amazon

An invisible shield: Zagg InvisibleShield+ Glass Screen Protector

Zagg has been around for a long time making fantastic screen protectors and its InvisibleShield+ Glass Screen Protector delivers on the legacy. It was created with a EyeSafe layer that filters out blue light and Glass+ VisionGuard technology to preserve the display's proper clarity. More so, it is super easy to apply with EZ Apply tabs.

$45 at Best Buy

The most precise fit: Alectide Glass Screen Protector

Alectide's Tempered Glass Screen Protector delivers one of the most precise options for the Pixel 3 XL. Delivering on the best elements of a glass screen protector — thinness, hardness and clarity — it also offers a tight finish around the notch. This isn't revolutionary, but it's stealthy and welcomed. You'll also get two screen protectors with your purchase.

$8 at Amazon

The most affordable option: Mr. Shield Glass Screen Protector

The Mr. Shield Glass Screen Protector is the best value you can get from a screen protector. You get not only a high-grade tempered glass screen protector, but three of them that are backed up by a no-hassle lifetime warranty that will protect your purchase forever.

$5 at Amazon

Ultra-thin film: IQ Shield Film Screen Protector

We've presented plenty of tempered glass screen protectors, so now it's time to check out some film screen protectors. First up is the IQ Shield Film Screen Protector that delivers on the best elements of a high grade film screen protector: a super thin finish. It's way thinner than any glass screen protector and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

$8 at Amazon

Barely there: Skinomi Film Screen Protector

Another fantastic film screen protector comes from Skinomi. Laser cut for the most precise fit, it offers maximum protection from the dings that may be aimed at the display of your Pixel 3 XL. It's made of a durable high-grade TPU film that is meant to last for a long time. The screen protector is basically invisible, blending into the display seamlessly.

$8 at Amazon

Budget film pick: MP-Mall Film Screen Protector

Speaking of really great film screen protectors, the MP-Mall Film Screen Protector for the Pixel 3 XL is a terrific option. You go with a film screen protector because you want the slimmest profile on your phone instead of the bulky finish glass screen protectors delives, and this is what you get here.

$5 at Amazon

Pixel 3 XL display protection

I think we can all agree the screen is the most important part of a smartphone. It is, after all, the medium through which you control it. And with that kind of importance, you are going to want to protect the display on your Pixel 3 XL with a really great screen protector.

Our staff favorite is the amFilm Glass Screen Protector. amFilm has been making fantastic screen protectors for a very long time. In fact, it makes them for just about every smartphone out there. iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, you name it and it has it covered. Its screen protectors are super slim and high quality and they are backed by fantastic customer service that is eager to help out.

Another great option is the LK Glass Screen Protector. It delivers on everything you want from a great screen protector. It is super thin and super durable, and you get three screen protectors should you need it.

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