Best Pixel 3 Screen Protectors TechnoBuffalo 2022

So you have a shiny new Pixel 3 in your possession and your primary objective right now is to keep is as pristine as it was coming out of the box for the longest possible amount of time. Now, you're looking for screen protectors. Screen protectors are the best way to avoid unsightly and ugly scratches and even shattering in case of a drop. Luckily, we've done the heavy lifting for you and found the best screen protectors for the Pixel 3.

Premium and durable: amFilm tempered glass screen protector

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amFilm has been making screen protectors for a long time and is a trusted source for quality. This makes its Pixel 3 tempered glass screen protector a great option. It comes in a pack of three and at just 0.33mm thick, it won't add unnecessary bulk to your phone.

$10 at Amazon

A stylish option: Olixar tempered glass screen protector

Olixar's tempered glass screen protector offers black bezels to match the Pixel 3 for a sleek and stylish finish. It also claims to be super durable, boasting a construction to withstand unexpected drops.

$17 at Amazon

Comfortable safety: Supershieldz tempered glass screen protector

Supershieldz's tempered glass screen protector offers high-quality protection that will hold off scratches from your Pixel 3 display. Its rounded edges ensure the display protection won't interfere with your usage of the phone.

$8 at Amazon

Precise protection: OMOTION tempered glass screen protector

OMOTION's tempered glass screen protector is a mix of everything: design, durability, and protection. The glass measures in only at 0.3mm thick, but this glass screen protector will take all the damage you won't want your Pixel 3 to take and withstand it.

$9 at Amazon

An economic option: Sparin tempered glass screen protector

The good thing about screen protectors is that you have a lot of options. Some cost more while Sparin's tempered glass protector cost less without sacrificing any of the features you want from this accessory.

$6 at Amazon

Flexible and thin: IQShield LiQuid Skin screen protector

As sleek as tempered glass protectors may be, they are not the end all for screen protectors. IQShield's LiQuid screen protector bypasses the glass and sticks with what it calls "smart film" to provide the slimmest protection your Pixel 3 can get. You'll also get an easy, bubble-free installation with a lifetime warranty.

$8 at Amazon

Now you're ready to keep your Pixel 3 display safe from scratches or cracks. The one I would choose is the amFilm tempered glass screen protector because it's the most trusted brand in screen protectors I've found. That being said, the other selections are still worth taking a look at like the Superhshieldz tempered glass screen protector.

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