Best Personal Massagers TechnoBuffalo 2020

Personal health is essential, and we have plenty of options for a person who wants to look after themselves or their partner. Deep tissue massagers are incredibly useful to relieve stress and can feel amazing if used correctly. Not all are created equally, though, so we have built a list of the best around, just for you.

Quick and easy charging: Lulu 11 Personal Wand Massager

Staff Pick

The Lulu 11 has 20 different massage patterns, which is great, but once you have the right one, losing it is a pain when you turn it off. Thankfully the Lulu 11 remembers the last pattern you chose and starts there. The addition of a USB charger makes the Lulu 11 a fantastic massager for travel.

$44 at Amazon

The original: Wand Essentials The Original Magic Wand

As the most known personal massager, the Magic Wand has been around for over 30 years. The powerful motor and round, broad head help massage deep into the muscles, targeting the area that needs the most attention.

$60 at Amazon

Mobile first: SantaMedical Mini Wand Penguin Massager

Sometimes the best massager is the one you have with you. The mini wand from SantaMedical is a tiny but powerful wand to keep in your bag. It's perfect for traveling to help you relieve stress and calm those aching muscles.

$13 at Amazon

Multiple attachments: Tracy's Dog Wand Massager

Sometimes you need a more targeted massage, something to touch one specific area. The attachments on this massager help get to the heart of the matter and concentrate the vibration on the point of pleasure.

$53 at Amazon

Backup power: Massager Charging Cable

Massagers like our top pick all use the same sort of USB charger that can be easily misplaced or lost. Pick yourself up a spare charging cable to make sure you have your massager ready to go whenever you need it.

$9 at Amazon

Thumb control: Master Series Original Thunderstick

A lot of these massagers have 10 or even 20 different speeds, but sometimes you need a smoother motion than the individual settings can provide. The Thunderstick has a rolling dial that allows you to control the speed and power of your massager instantly, and it works well.

$47 at Amazon

Final thoughts

Personal massagers are a significant part of anyone's healthy lifestyle. With a partner, you can help each other relax, or on your own, you can release a lot of pent up tension. We recommend the Lulu 11 Personal Wand Massager because of the memory function. Scrolling through 20 different settings to find the one you love is a pain, especially if you are already in a position for a muscle rub. The USB is also extremely helpful when traveling, and the rubberized grip helps keep the wand where it needs to be.

For a more controlled, specific massage, check out Tracy's Dog Wand Massager. The different heads are made of silicone — so if you are allergic, you should stay clear —and are easy to clean, but are rigid enough to get deep into the tissue.

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