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A touch of a fruity, floral, breezy, or woody scent can be that little something that adds the finishing factor to your day or night. How do you choose, especially when there are so many different fragrances? Here is a list of some of the best ones that will leave you saying, "Ahh!"

Cheerful floral and citrus: Happy by Clinique Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Staff Favorite

A blissful, cheerful fragrance that makes you feel just like its name, Happy! With notes of morning orchid, amber, freesia, lily, apple, melon, and orange, this playful perfume is a joyous addition to your collection. Available in 1.7 fluid ounces and 3.4 fluid ounces.

$35 from Amazon

Sharp gentle floral: Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau de Toilette

Introduced in 1991 by the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, this fragrance has a top note of Amazon lily and a mid note of Living Narcisse Rose. Other notes, such as amber, oakmoss, and sandalwood combine to create the sharp, gentle floral aroma. Available in 1 fluid ounce and 3.3 fluid ounces.

$27 from Amazon

Graceful fruit and flowers: Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray

A distinctive blend of luxurious florals and femininity, this fragrance from Ivanka Trump exudes grace and beauty. With notes of Italian Bergamot, apple, pink peppercorn, jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood. Wear this scent day or night for an elegant aroma. Available in 3.4 fluid ounces.

$25 from Amazon

Fresh and soft: Design by Paul Sebastian Perfume for Women

Featuring a mix of fresh florals, fruits, and powder, this classic fragrance exudes femininity. This distinctive and light perfume has notes of tangerine, aldehydes, jasmine, violet, lily of the valley, orange blossoms, musk, amber, and powder. Perfect for everyday wear, this perfume is available in 3.4 fluid ounces.

$20 from Amazon

Sweet and Dewy: Guess Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

The sweet scent of fruits and florals gives this fragrance a girly touch. With notes of tangerine, bergamot, green apple, freesia, peony, peach, red fruit, muguet, magnolia flowers, cedarwood, musk, amber, this spray is a flaunty finish to your daytime wear. Available in 2.5 fluid ounces.

$21 from Amazon

Summery and Breezy: Lucky Brand Lucky You Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

A lovely, youthful scent featuring notes of ruby red grapefruit, crush leaves, blue poppy, and star jasmine. This fragrance creates a versatile aroma that you'll want to wear all day, every day! Available in 0.17-ounce rollerball or 3.4 fluid ounces.

$20 from Amazon

Sharp aquatic: Issey Miyake L'eau De Issey Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

Fresh and feminine with a touch of floral, this fragrance is so pure with its elements of nature. Featuring notes of lotus, rose water, freesia, cyclamen, carnation, peonies, wood, white lily, musk, amberseed, tuberose, and osmanthus. This scent will be sure to awaken your senses. Available in multiple sizes ranging from 0.84 fluid ounces to 6.7 fluid ounces. It also comes in a gift set.

$42 from Amazon

Dreamy and Summery: Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

An enchanting, summery aroma that evokes daydreams of being on a white beach with crystal water. With notes of yuzu, pomegranate, mahogany, amber, peony, lotus, and magnolia. You will get lost in this scent. Available in sizes ranging from 0.17 ounces to 6.7 fluid ounces.

$44 from Amazon

Floral and woody: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray

A feminine fragrance with a hint of musk perfect for everyday wear. Featuring notes of strawberry, violet, pink grapefruit, gardenia, jasmine, white woods, vanilla, and musk. This scent will intrigue your senses with its perfect combination of sweet and woody aromas. Available in sizes ranging from 1 fluid ounce to 4.2 fluid ounces. Also available in gift sets and combo packs.

$55 from Amazon

Which scent is best for you?

Choosing a fragrance that works best for you is not always cut and dry. In actuality, your body chemistry can make a scent smell different on you. Luckily, knowing the top, mid, and low notes in a fragrance can help you determine what aroma suits you.

One thing is for sure, Happy by Clinique will surely make you feel just that, happy! It is certainly our favorite. Its combination of floral and citrusy notes exude cheer and joy. Happy was created in 1997 and is Clinique's best selling fragrance.

If you're looking for something more earthy with a girly feel, Marc Jacobs Daisy is a great choice. Its combination of floral and woody aromas will surely strike your senses. Daisy also comes in an adorable bottle and offers sets and combo packs perfect for gift giving.

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