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If every word of the "Bing Bong" song is stuck in your head, you can name Emily Elephant's little brother and know who Grandad Dog's best friend is, then our commiserations; you're spending too much time watching "Peppa Pig." Entice your little one away from the screen with an official Peppa Pig-themed toy. Our selection has something for every fan of the toddler-friendly TV show, with many options offering edutainment features, so at least your little piggy might learn something during Peppa playtime.

Peppa Pig Plushies

Three amigos: Peppa Pig Little Plush 3-Pack

Staff Pick

These adorable plushie figures make character noises when you squeeze them. Super soft, they will make great bedtime companions for any little Peppa fans.

$20 at Amazon
Peppa Pig Microphone

Easy as A, B, C: Peppa Pig Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics

Suitable for ages three and up, this interactive game has seven different activities to help younger children with a letter and word recognition, all using familiar graphics from the cartoon.

$20 at Amazon
Peppa Pig Car

School run fun: Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Fun Car

"We love our little car," says Daddy Pig — all the time — and usually just before it breaks down. Your child can love it too with their very own version of the Pig family motor.

$20 at Amazon
Peppa Pig House

Home sweet home: Peppa Pig's Lights & Sounds Family Home Feature Playset

Recreate classic scenes from the TV show with this Peppa Pig family home playset, which has seven different room areas, complete with furniture to match.

$41 at Amazon
Peppa Pig Microphone

Play it again, ham: Peppa Pig Singalong & Learn Microphone

With a real voice amplifier and no less than seven songs from the TV show, this microphone makes an excellent gift for a Peppa Pig fan who's parents you really want to annoy.

$23 at Amazon

Flying high: Air Peppa Jet

Remember the one where Peppa and her family flew on holiday to Italy? We do, too. You can relive it almost as many times as you've seen the episode with this plane playset.

$25 at Amazon

Top tug: Grandpa Pig's Bath Time Boat

Fear not, we even have you covered for bathtime Peppa fun with a floating version of Grandpa Pig's boat. Just make sure you don't run out of gas...

$26 at Amazon

P.P. phone home: Peppa Pig Flip and Learn Phone

If your child doesn't mind being seen with a flip phone, this helps with color and number recognition while offering fun voice effects and "friendly chats" with characters from the TV show.

$11 at Amazon

Campy van: Peppa Pig Camping Trip Playset

All the fun of camping, no actual muddy puddles with this playset. It's an excellent value, offering the full set of Pig family figures, bikes, a tent, a campfire, and a cooking pot.

$37 at Amazon

Miss Rabbit's ride: Peppa Pig's School Bus

Celebrate the hardest working person in the country with Miss Rabbit's school bus. Sized for play with other Little Character figures, you can lift the lid off to go for a ride.

$36 at Amazon

Muddy puddles: Peppa Pig Interactive Playmat

This battery-powered mat promotes movement and dexterity by encouraging your child to press certain areas to hear Peppa-themed sounds and songs.

$50 at Amazon

Night, night, Peppa!: Peppa Pig Sleepover Peppa

If Peppa can help with bedtime, all else is forgiven. Give this interactive plushie a go: it has a built-in nightlight, can play a lullaby, and comes with a sleeping bag carry case with a secret pocket.

$24 at Amazon

Bring home the bacon

Our superb selection of Peppa Pig-themed toys, games, and playsets does have something for every little fan out there, even if they already have the basic set of Peppa Pig figures.

If you're looking for toys that have educational elements, we recommend the Alphaphonics game and the Flip and Learn phone which will help with letter and number recognition.

If you're hoping for a peaceful playtime, our overall pick, the set of three Peppa, George and Suzy plushies is sure to be a hit with any fan. The trio of soft figures should hopefully encourage role-play games and imaginative story-telling.

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