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Paw Patrol is a ridiculously popular show that delivers fun characters and great stories for your child. Once the show is over, that's when the real fun begins with Paw Patrol toys. While there is a massive variety of options out there, the absolute best toy is definitely the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck. This truck has a huge extendable ladder, water cannons, lights up and is sure to catch the attention of your little firefighter.

Best Overall: Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Paw Patrol shows off pups in a variety of different occupations, and one of the most important is Marshall the fire rescue pup. Now your kids can play as though they are rescuing other pups from a fire with the excellent Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck. This isn't a small toy, and it's got tons of different moving parts made to catch your child's attention and then keep it there.

The Ultimate Rescue Firetruck comes with one Paw Patrol figure and cardboard cutouts of the other pups. This massive firetruck includes a ladder that extended up to two feet, water cannons, a mini fire cart, and lights up as well as making noise for play. It fosters imagination play and lets your kids pretend that they are working with Marshall to put out fires in Adventure cove.

The firetruck has a variety of different movable pieces made for kids. This assortment means that once they figure out where everything lives, they'll be able to move and adjust the toy for their imaginative adventures. Pulling out the ladder is simple, and there are two supports to keep it stable. They'll also be able to play with Marshall in the mini cart, and parents can buy more pups that are compatible with the cart for even better adventures down the line.

Overall the Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck delivers a fun experience for kids 3 and up. It provides an excellent way for them to use their imagination and has tons of moving parts that will keep them occupied for hours. If you're looking for the best Paw Patrol toy out there, this is the one to check out.


  • 2-foot extendable ladder
  • Lights up and makes noise
  • Great for kids 3 and up


  • Requires batteries

Best Overall

Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Firetruck to the rescue

Let your little fireman shoot water cannons, drive to imaginary fires, and put them out with this ultimate rescue truck.

Best Value: Paw Patrol Bath Finger Puppets

For kids bath time is often a great time to have some fun and play with getting cleaned up at the same time. If you have a Paw Patrol obsessed child, these bath puppets are plenty of fun and fit into your hand comfortably.

This set comes with five different Paw Patrol finger puppets. Each one is painted to look like a different pup from the show. The puppets themselves are made of sturdy rubber, so you don't need to worry about them being durable, and they're also easy to keep clean and free of mold.


  • Fun bath toy
  • Collection of different Paw Patrol pups


  • Very small
  • Can be a choking hazard for toddlers

Best Value

Paw Patrol Bath Finger Puppets

Pups come to bath time

Your child's favorite pups are now part of the fun of getting clean during bath time.

Best for Young Readers: PAW Patrol Marshall's Read-to-Me Adventure

Learning to read is a skill that every child will have to invest in. That isn't always easy though, especially when some kids have a hard time beginning the process, and comprehending the stories they are reading. Marshall's Read-to-Me Adventure brings Paw Patrol's Marshall to help out. He reads four different books to your kids and helps them to understand along the way.

This toy comes with a plush Marshall that can sing melodies, read along with four included books, and even ask questions about the books once he finishes reading. The books are all illustrated to make them interesting even for toddlers and are stories about Marshall, teamwork, and friendship. There is also a badge on Marshall's chest that you can press to hear catchphrases your children will recognize from the show!


  • Built for kids 2-5 years old
  • Marshall reads along with books
  • Comes with four books to read


  • Batteries are required to play
  • Marshall can be a bit loud for some parents

Best for Young Readers

PAW Patrol Marshall's Read-to-Me Adventure

Learn to read with Marshall

Read four interactive books with Marshall and cuddle him along the way!

Best for Toddlers VTech Paw Patrol Pups to the Rescue Driver

Pups to the Rescue Driver

It's time to hit the road with Ryder's ATV from Paw Patrol! The Rescue Driver mimics sitting in the driver's seat and gets your child interacting as they learn. This toy is built for kids 3 and up, and allows them to imagine they are driving the ATV, Hovercraft or Snowmobile with different games for each mode.

The Rescue Driver comes with batteries, but you'll need to buy fresh ones since the included ones aren't meant to last. There are handlebars, side mirrors, sliders, and buttons for different Paw Patrol characters. There is also a horn to honk, and you can listen to Ryder introduce his different pup friends as your child plays. As they play, they'll learn about colors, numbers, and even road safety as Ryder talks to them.


  • Buttons for different Paw Patrol characters
  • 3 Different modes to play with
  • Turn the handlebars, use the turn signals and honk the horn to play


  • Can be a bit loud for some parents
  • Requires fresh batteries to play

Best for Toddlers

Pups to The Rescue Driver

Hit the road

Take charge of Ryder's ATV and learn about numbers, colors and road safety along the way!

Best Interactive: Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Pup Pad

Your favorite pups have arrived to take your child on an excellent undersea adventure. The Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Pup Pad comes with six different interactive missions that will have your child following along with troubles in Adventure Bay. Each story is different and is dependent on the card you insert so that your child can enjoy a story from their favorite characters.

The Sea Patrol Pup Pad is made for kids and can strap right onto their arm. For most children, it won't be a hassle, but it may be a bit too heavy for younger or smaller kids. There are also buttons featuring different characters on the right side of the Pup Pad, so kids can hear from their favorite pups while interacting with different stories!


  • Great for kids age 3 and up
  • Six underwater missions to go on
  • Buttons to interact with your favorite pups


  • Might not fit on the wrists of all children
  • Batteries will need replacing down the line

Best Interactive

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Pup Pad

Take to the seas

Go on six patrol missions under the water like your favorite pups!

Bottom line

There are tons of great Paw Patrol toys out there, but the ones we've outlined are the best of the best. Out of every toy we looked at the #1 choice is the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck.

This toy firetruck packs a punch. It comes with a water hose, a 2-foot extendable fire ladder, lights up, makes noises and plenty more. It even comes with a Marshall figure to help your kids fight fire in their imagination and is sure to let them have some excellent adventures as they play.

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