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Of all clothing items, pants are among the top complex items to care for. Gone are the days when you used one type of hanger to hang every kind of clothing. The best pants hanger is specially made to ensure that your pants come out of the closet as good as they went in. Available in a range of different materials and attractive designs, you are sure to find a couple that fit your hassle-free organization needs.

Zober Store Suits Hangers

Luxurious: Zober High-Grade Wooden Suit Hangers

Staff Pick

No one likes pants with creases, and this hanger boasts of a rounded bar to prevent wrinkles. With the elegant handcrafted lotus wood finish, you can hang even the heaviest clothes, denim, and work pants included. The sanded smooth finish and clear lacquer coating ensure that your clothes are not damaged or deformed by splinters.

$30 at Amazon
Myfolrena Pants Hangers

Get creative: Myfolrena Pants Hangers

For many people, closet space is a real problem. The S-shaped, multi-layered hangers can hold up to five pants, leaving extra space for other items. Each layer is lined with silicone rubber to ensure that pants don't wrinkle or slip off. Their multi-purpose nature means that you can hang virtually any clothing item.

$28 at Amazon
Premium Velvet Hangers

Velvety: Premium Velvet Pants Hangers

The adjustable clips with vinyl tips make these hangers perfect for holding skirts and pants without leaving unsightly marks. Besides holding pants, the notched shoulders make it easy to hang thin-strapped shirts, camisoles, bras, and nightgowns. These hangers are encompassed in a smooth-to-the-touch velvet that gives them a premium look and feel.

$22 at Amazon
Songmics Wooden Pants Hnagers

Functional and stylish: SONGMICS Wooden Pants Hangers

These stylish clamp-style hangers are crafted of premium wood and hand polished to create a natural finish. They are perfect for holding jeans, trousers, skirts, or suit pants, with minimal wrinkling. A rotating metal hook opens the wooden hanger to a felt-lined grip that holds your pants at the hem or waist. They are ideal for a closet with plenty of space.

$18 at Amazon
Zober Trousers Hangers

Open-end design: ZOBER Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers

This open-ended design gives you the liberty of hanging an array of clothes, including skirts, jeans, and slacks. With a premium grade stainless steel design and a non-slip rubber coating for enhanced grip, you'll never have to fret about your clothes slipping off. And in case you have limited space in your closet, their thin frame sorts that out.

$16 at Amazon
Titan Malls Pants Hangers

Best value: Titan Mall Pants Hangers

If you are worried about pants frequently falling off the hangers, the grips on the inside of the two large pinch clips keep everything in place. With the flexible 360-degree swivel hook, hanging pants or skirts is now fun and uncomplicated. Their robust nature means they can comfortably hold heavy or even wet clothes. They are pretty durable, break-resistant, and splinter-free.

$19 at Amazon
Jeronic Pant Hangers

Heavy-duty: Jeronic Pant Hangers

Besides comfortably holding heavy clothes like jean pants, these hangers have a creative, open-ended design. The design makes it easy to slip pants on and off without removing the hangers from the rack or stand. You can also hang multiple clothing items on a single hanger without worrying about the weight, wrinkles, or creases. The rubber coating provides a better grip.

$18 at Amazon
Ieoke Pant Hangers

Adjustable clips: IEOKE Pant Hangers

With the stainless steel material and zinc alloy plating, worrying about rust and corrosion, or hangers leaving unsightly marks on your clothes is a thing of the past. These multifunctional hangers hold pants, towels, socks, pillow covers, and a host of other clothing items. The powerful clips are adjustable to hold pants of different widths.

$19 at Amazon

Organisation made easy

Keeping your closet organized and clothes wrinkle-free is every person's little wish. With Zober's High-Grade Wooden Suit Hangers, that is possible. These sturdy wooden hangers can hold both pants and coats at the same time. The contoured shoulder line prevents shoulder bulges, while the rounded pants bar holds pants without creasing.

If you are working with limited closet space, your best option is Myfolrena Pants Hangers. The creative S shape enables each hanger to hold up to five pants, giving you space to store other items. The hangers are coated with rubber for non-slip and wrinkle-free storage.

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