Best Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads TechnoBuffalo 2021

Replacing your electric toothbrush head is important because bristles can become jagged, which makes them harmful to your tooth enamel and gumline. Bacteria can also grow between the bristles, and no one wants to brush their mouth with that! Here's our collection of the best Oral-B replacement brush heads to keep your mouth feeling crystal clean.

Oral-B CrossAction Brush Head

Ultra angles: Oral-B Cross Action Brush Heads

Staff Pick

When looking at the bristle pattern on this brush head, you'll see they are pointing opposite ways. According to Oral-B, and reviewers, this pattern is good at cleaning the surfaces and between teeth. It will also help remove 100% more plaque when compared to a manual toothbrush.

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Oral-B Sensitive Gum Care Brush Head

Very soft: Oral-B Sensitive Gum Care Brush Heads

Do your gums hurt when you brush your teeth? You may need a brush that is better suited to you, like this option. The bristles are extra soft, which makes them gentle on gums and a perfect option for beginners.

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Oral-B Dual Clean Brush Head

Dual-action: Oral-B Dual Clean Brush Heads

What's better than one brush moving to clean your teeth? How about this brush head, which has dual-action brushes: one moves side-to-side, and the other oscillates and pulsates. It's hard to miss a spot when you have both brushes working for you.

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Oral-B FlossAction Brush Head

Squeaky clean: Oral-B Floss Action Brush Heads

Cleaning the area where your teeth meet can be tricky since many brushes will pass right over it. This option has rubberized bristles at the edges of the brush head, offering more surface contact. Many reviewers report that this style of brush head provides the deepest clean.

$17 at Amazon
Oral-B Kids Extra Soft Brush Heads

For little ones: Oral-B Kids Extra Soft Brush Heads, ages 3+

Use characters from movies your child likes to encourage dental hygiene habits. You can choose from Disney Princess (Ariel), Frozen (Anna and Elsa), and Toy Story (Buzz and Woody). Each brush head is extra soft and has blue indicator bristles to let you know when it's time to switch it out.

$18 at Amazon
Oral-B Sensi Ultrathin Brush Head

Finest bristles: Oral-B Sensi Ultrathin Brush Heads

This brush head features bristles that are super soft and ultra-thin. Being so thin allows them to get into the tiny spaces along your gum line and between your teeth easier. Choose this option if you have ultra-sensitive or damaged teeth.

$15 at Amazon

Good as new

Roughly every three months, you will need to replace your Oral-B brush heads as they wear down. Many of their brush heads will fit most of their models, so you're not locked into using one type. Because of this, we recommend the Oral-B CrossAction Brush Heads as your next toothbrush head. The angled bristles offer a superior clean across tooth surfaces and the gaps between them.

If you're looking for an intense clean, consider the Oral-B FlossAction Brush Heads. The addition of rubberized bristles helps polish the surfaces of your teeth and makes them so clean you'll think you were just at the dentist.

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