The OnePlus 6 is beautiful, but it’s far from indestructible. It’s probably not a good idea to rely on Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 alone. While that may deflect some light brushes from coarse or sharp objects, your phone is still wide open to collecting scratches and even shattering.

You should pick up a screen protector for the OnePlus 6. That’ll keep the glass in mint condition as if you’ve just purchased the phone.

Here are some of the best screen protectors for the OnePlus 6.

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Full Body (1-pack)

  • Price: $13, eligible for Prime shipping

IQ Shield is known for simple, affordable screen protectors. The LiQuidSkin Full Body includes its latest technology to ensure your OnePlus 6 avoids everything from scratches to UV rays to peeling.

By the way, you’re not just getting coverage up front. This item is a bundle that includes a film to apply to your phone’s back. It’s incredibly useful since the back of the OnePlus 6 is also made from glass. Unless you’re using a case, the OnePlus 6 is wide open to collecting scratches and scuffs from every angle. IQ Shield, however, lets you get complete protection from its LiQuidSkin Full Body kit.

It’s also very easy to apply to the LiQuidSkin Full Body on either side of the OnePlus 6. IQ Shield gives you a microfiber cloth as well as a solution, squeegee, and instructions for installation.

If you ever notice the screen protector degrading, get in touch with IQ Shield. The brand attaches a lifetime replacement warranty to this accessory. So you may only get one screen protector here, but IQ Shield backs it up with a serious guarantee.

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OrzeroHigh Definition Anti-Scratch (3-pack)

  • Price: $7, eligible for Prime shipping

This screen protector isn’t made from tempered glass, but you’re getting three units in a single pack. Orzero just wants you to have the basics covered. It’s a screen protector that rejects light impact from sharp objects in addition to preventing messes from fingerprints, moisture, and general grime.

You can find a more premium option for the OnePlus 6 and its precious glass display, but less than $2.40 per screen protector is a steal.

Orzero does have a lifetime replacement warranty, too. With that said, you can go months (or years) with the first three screen protectors before needing any others.

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VigeerFull Coverage Tempered Glass (1-pack)

  • Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

There’s a notch at the top of the display on the OnePlus 6, and you might want to have that shielded from life’s accidents. Vigeer makes a tempered glass-based screen protector for OnePlus’ flagship that covers the phone’s entire face. From top to bottom, you have full coverage.

Vigeer’s screen protector has a 2.5D design, 9H hardness, near-perfect transparency, and an anti-fingerprint coating. All this is packed into an accessory measuring under 0.3mm thick.

While providing full coverage, you’ll barely notice the screen protector’s presence.

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Orzero9H Strength Tempered Glass (2-Pack)

  • Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

Orzero, too, makes a tempered glass-based screen protector. The accessory features a 2.5D design and 9H hardness, but you’re not paying big bucks. Somehow you can get two of these screen protectors together for under $10 with free shipping. Throw in Orzero’s lifetime replacement warranty, and this particular screen protector is even more enticing.

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OnePlus 3D Tempered Glass

  • Price: $20, eligible for free shipping

OnePlus uses tempered glass for its own screen protector, and the high-end nature is reflected in its price. The brand behind this year’s Never Settle product has its accessory set at $20. Really, it could be worth every penny for you. You’re getting a screen protector that, aside from being crazy-good in durability, is precisely engineered to achieve edge-to-edge protection.

The screen protector also features the standard qualities like 9H hardness, an anti-scratch build, and an oleophobic coating to deny fingerprints and moisture smudges.

If you’re particular about accessories, get OnePlus’ screen protector. As some brands struggle with consistency and sometimes accidentally ship defective products, you know you’re getting a top-tier screen protector from a top-tier brand. OnePlus won’t let you down with this screen protector, be it in fit or durability.

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