Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1Sony has announced a brand new game bundle program for the PlayStation 3. In light of all the amazing games that have launched for the PlayStation Network, Sony new has the "Best of PlayStation Network" collection.

Launching June 18th, 2013 is Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1. The bundle includes four games (Tokyo JungleFat PrincessSound Shades and When Vikings Attack. It will sell for $39.99, which winds up saving you around $15 if you were to buy all four games from the store.

Speaking as someone who has played all but one of these games (haven't had a chance to try Tokyo Jungle yet, but Ron Duwell loved it), this is a pretty sweet deal.

Each game provides an entirely unique mechanic, theme and style. And, aside from the PS Vita, you won't be able to find any of these games on any other platform.

If you missed them back when they launched, or you don't buy games digitally, this package is a great pickup. The PlayStation 3 really does have some solid downloadable games, doesn't it?